Another 4th.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Applegarth, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Come and and already it is already almost past. The day will fly by quickly with the excitement, patriotism and love, ah yes the sweet bitter thing.

    I still feel wieghted down by these lifeless chains that hinder every movement I make romantically and keeps me pushed down in the friend zone.
    Frankly, I am so beat down and heart broken, I dont know if I want to get back on the horse and try again. Everywhere I look, my friends and family all have their own loved ones, and while yes I know my family loves me as does friends but you cant quite cuddle up to them and be loved by them in the way you want to. If you do, then I dont know what to say to you.

    My friends, are all now finding new loves or rekindling old flames. Hell, I let my guard down when this one woman was making a move on me and we hung out for a few days, and I hoped people, I hoped. No hope or rest for the battle weary I persume then. After we got done making out we got to talking about relationships and stuff and she just,"wanted me as a friend and thanks for the fun". That made these worthless fucking chains ever more so heavier.

    This post was sad and depressing for me write. I dont know if anybody who reads this will even give a flying two-shit fuck about it or me. And I just dont give a fuck anymore.

    At least this way it gets wrote down.
  2. Normally I'd go into my self-actualization psychobabble, but I understand where you're at almost too well. I want you to read this, it's $10 from Border's I'm pretty sure.
  3. Hey dude I get where you are coming from way to well. I guess just hang tight man, you're not the only dude with the no pussy blues
  4. A year ago I was suffering from a recent breakup. Now, I am free. Applegarth, enjoy this freedom. At some point you will look back and wish you had it again.

    Focus on yourself, do not be downtrodden by seeing others in relationships. That one I too need to work on, they are everywhere. Just remember you are free and responsible to no other person.

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