Another 2012 apocolypse theory

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mushroomsatsuji, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. I personally dont believe that the world will end anytime soon but I found this to be quite interesting and I wanted your thoughts.
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  2. Ah yes. Seems very plausible to me. The way i see it, if it happens it happens. No use in livin in fear.
  3. Eh, if the Niburu is a real planet, it must of done this polar switching before, many times. Life goes on.
  4. Dude im blazed as fuck, believe in this shit, and now im tripped the fuck out.. sketch..
  5. If this was the only 1 pointing to that date i would not be worried. but the 50,000 mayan year calender predicts it as did nostradamus and i think the egyptians did too not sure about the last 1 tho.
  6. The Mayans predicted nothing. Their calender ends on that date, but there are many reasons why that could have happened... One of the main reasons being the destruction of their culture before they could add more? Also, since many Mayan books/artifacts/scrolls were destroyed, there is no reason or mythology given as to why the calender ends on the day it does. It is all speculation.
  7. The logic and evidence is overwhelmingly ample :rolleyes:
  8. The magnetic poles have switched many times throughout history, and yet we are here today. I've found fossilized shark teeth in the sand at 6000 feet elevation, in a desert, so yeah, shit happens, just don't let it spoil your millenium.

    On the plus side, Apocalypse does mean never having to say you're sorry!
  9. fuck my millenniums ruined.

    seriously. why would anyone believe this nonsense if the guy cant even spell half his words correctly. the only interesting part is the giants. im going to research that more now.
  10. yea that took about 5 seconds... the giant skelletons are hoaxes.
  11. I wasnt presenting this as fact. I dont even believe in any religion. Im just not as educated as ya'll are on the subject. Really, I wanted to know why someone would believe this.

    Why am I not surprised...
  12. Alright, it wasn't a personal remark. I was commenting on the video.
  13. With all that being said, I'm getting drunk, naked, and I'll probably fuck something before/while the world ends :rolleyes:
  14. I'm going to work, have dinner and check my email and go to bed -- stuff I do on any normal day.
  15. What year was that again?

    At any rate, when the date comes closer, I'm confident I'll be here, and have ready some great "HAHA!" graphics. Fuck, an entire goddamned video :D

    Reminds me, gotta hoard some quotes :)

  16. omgz aliens and giants better plant some magic beans before it's too late.

  17. hahaha, I should learn to watch the video before commenting. I saw 2012 and assume Mayan... Oh well. I did watch the video though and I must say that was one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. Obviously that video is far fetched speculation based upon faulty logic and evidence.
  18. Yeah, I liked how they talked about the earth's rotation stopping altogether...and said that might kill 90 % of us! Ummmmm, can we get that closer to 100%?

    But I want those big fake skulls, I need them for lawn deco to keep the neighbor kids away.
  19. those who predict, do not know. those who know, do not predict. - Lao Tsu.

    we have the power to create our own realities, and indeed, we ARE doing that constantly. Our thoughts magnetising ourselves to potential branches and pathways into the future.

    this is vitally important if you're gonna look into the future to understand.


    .... i've studied this topic alot.
    mayan calendrics, i ching, terrence mckenna's "timewave zero", sciences, cultures, etc etc etc.
    quite unlike the fear mongering thats going on. you gotta look beyond the dangerous little bit of knowledge.

    " a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing "....

    wait... why are you recoiling from acquiring that little bit of knowledge? that means you'll have an even littler bit of knowledge. the ONLY way to get past this danger is to have ALOT of knowledge. get it?


    get studying.

    follow what's interesting.

    truth IS stranger than fiction.

    if you wanna jump in the deap end (wear hard hats), check out the credo mutwa videos.
    no, actually... if you wanna jump in the deap end... call on them, they will visit if you are sincere. ;0

    there is so much information i couldnt possibly convey to you regarding inteligent life visiting this planet... heh, quantum entanglement..... the more intelifent ones, they've never needed to "visit", "we" have always been here.
  20. anyone got a telescope?

    should be easy to determine the truth of this.

    come to think of it... i have been seeing large planets in the sky with the naked eye... i just thought it was venus or mars or jupiter or saturn.

    so... anyone seen nibiru with their own eyes and can confirm it is this other planet with what seems like an impossible orbit?

    or do the nephilim cloak it? like the claims of our system being a binary system, but hte new world order cloak our second sun? :D

    oh these claims... :rolleyes:
    annoying i cannot discredit them with anything more valid than how implausible they sound. i know how weak that is.

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