Anonymous to end Facebook..

Discussion in 'General' started by Keep it rolling, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous are to destroy Facebook

    Part of me doubts they will be able to do it, but another part of me is screaming END FACEBOOK!..
  2. Why would you want Facebook to end? You hate trendy things don't you hate cars and fast food restaurants as well?
  3. If facebook went away, it'd be no sweat off my balls.
  4. They hate facebook simply because facebook is popular/mainstream. They ignore the fact that while you can destroy a product, you can't destroy the idea, and there would instantly be a replacement (if they succeeded, which they wont). This means that no matter what they do, their efforts are going to be a waste. Anon does some alright shit sometimes, but sometimes they're so cliched. They literally will oppose something just because a lot of other people like it in some cases.
  5. It's not like I particularly enjoy sitting here 24/7 waiting to see if anyone comments on my profile..

    God damn it I want my life back!
  6. remember remember the 5th of November.
  7. good. i hope they pull it off.
  8. Cool, so are they going to DDOS it or something?

  9. Then get up and do something else... Nobody is forcing you or anybody else to use it.
  10. How do they mnow fb is selling info

  11. It's a useful tool. Sometimes you don't know someone's phone number but you know their name so you can friend them on facebook and hangout. Stuff like that. I don't view it as some popularity contest at all if that's what you meant (people wanting a lot of likes on statuses or something)
  12. I hope they do it. I deleted mine a long time ago anyways
  13. Glad I deleted mine. I will keep an eye out for more details. Fuck facebook, so many damned morons on there. It's just another medium for the government/CIA to spy or suppress the truth with. Terrible.
  14. They said da info is still there rven if u delete it...

  15. Actually it's considered an addiction now so you can take that back!
  16. Good so now I won't have to read everybodys fucking status's about them getting fucked up and posting pictures that nobody gives a shit about.
  17. What a huge inconvenience to every slutty teenaged girl's day.

  18. There's plenty of information on it all over the internet. Those right sidebar ads on your Facebook that strangely coincide quite accurately with your interests...not a coincidence.

    Once you post a picture or a status or anything else on Facebook, that data is no longer yours under the eyes of the law. It's facebook's. Google around a bit, inform yourself on just how little power you have over what Facebook does with your private information.

    I'm an avid face booker nonetheless, however :rolleyes:

    I've been debating on whether or not to deactivate mine for quite some time now. Either that, or take all of my pictures and most of my personal information off and just using it to stay in touch with the people I care about that are far away from me.

    If anon actually manages to pull this off, I will be quite impressed. I'm a big fan of hacktivism and the impact it has already had on the information age.

    It will be pretty interesting to see how large of a role it [hacktivism] plays in the future of the Internet.

    Anon has taken on some fairly cliche anti-conformity causes in the past, but I don't think that crashing Facebook is one of those cases. Anon stands for freedom from censorship and the right to privacy. Facebook threatens both things on a fundamental level.
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