Anonymous claimed they were going to end facebook, and it's working (i think).

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  1. :bongin: So i just ripped Zong at my homies house, i get home, go on facebook, and see one of those weird ass naked pictures that im sure some of you might've seen in the past couple days. And this thought just hit me.....

    So i know there was the rumor out there that anonymous was going to 'end facebook' on November 9 or someshit. Some believed it and others didnt.... but i think we all just assumed that they were going to try shut down the servers or something, when really they were using an alternative, smarter way....

    I know we've all gotten spam on facebook before, which shows how it can be done. However these naked pics are just a of much worse kind. You'll know what im talking about if you havent seen it yet....
    I think this is the work of anonymous, and their plan is to just put so much nasty shit on our news feeds that people are simply gonna stop using it.
    Theyre smart as fuck if you ask me

    I dunno, I just thought of this and though it was totally the kinda thing to post here. and of course- Im happy its gonna end.....:hello: facebook has kinda made the social scene pretty fucked up at my school:/

    TL:DR you cant shorten a conspiracy theory
  2. holy shit. your right i completely forgot about that. yeah its all over my facebook
  3. I haven't seen any but I believe you
  4. i think youre right. lots of porn andmiley cyrus spam bullshit and all kinds of spam has enterred my girlfriends FB for a minute. its workinnn haahaa
  5. Oh shit, its an epidemic!
  6. :D Holy shit...
  7. Anon is not responsible for the facebook spam apps going around. The threat to shut down facebook was from one member of anon and was never part of the plan. Why would we shut down one of our main avenues of communication, facebook will live on for now. You can find a release with all the info on anons pastebin and on google news.
  8. i have not seen anything remotely close to this on my facebook
  9. u guys see the pic of that gymnast? u could set a cup on that asss

  10. youre part of anonymous?
  11. Nice suggestion. I was wondering why all these pics are tgere all of a.sudden....only if people.didnt.comment on them then.i.wuldnt.see em. And who da fuck is amabos dad
  12. amabos dad????
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    Aw, thats a bummer really
  14. I have no idea what is going on in this thread...
  15. Mine isn't having any of these problems.
  16. Hmmmm.... It might only be diffusing to the younger generation, because theyre the people that like these groups (that post the photos) and then comment on them.
  17. [quote name='"australianalien"']

    amabos dad????[/quote]
    yeah, has like 94xx likes in facebook and posts memes and porn n shit (insert meme here)

  18. I am in my early 20's
  19. Okay, I can't take it. I must chime in.

    Anonymous is a joke. They always have been, and always will be. Whether they intended to want to end facebook or not. It's a joke. There is nothing wrong with facebook that people are not or could not be aware about. People could read through the TOS if they wanted to, people could not post personal shit on it if they want privacy, they could deal with the capthas and not give them their phone number.

    This whole porn thing is just a virus/spam. It has nothing to do with "anon". It's the product of people being so obsessed with all these "apps" that have become so trendy. A person simply saw this and cashed in on it in their own way, by spreading a virus or whatever through it. Good for them. Kudos for being able to know people so well like that.

    And my point in general. Anon is a joke. If you are hiding behind a computer, with no real leaders, you can not stand for anything. A group of "anonymous" people can not all have the same beliefs, yet a picture has been painted that way. And now whenever they do something someone whom is "apart" of anon does not like, they blame in on "wannabes". These so-called script kiddies and lulsac. They are a part of anon. They are anonymous. Anon claims "they" want to give "the people" freedom. Yet all they want to do is be the ones with power. They do not want freedom over the internet. They want to run it. They are hypocrites. They claim they are all for freedom, then go hacking into things that affect the same people they are trying to "free". We know something like 85% or so of all companies and businesses are corrupt. Yet people still choose to use them and do business with them.

    Down with anon, down with hypocrites. There are over seven billion people in the world. If you want freedom, you have to off a few billion.

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