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Annoying When High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ManCandy, May 22, 2013.

  1. All my friends say I get annoying when I'm high? How can I just chill out
  2. Its simple, just chill out haha. Or tell them to be like aight man aight lets cool it or something just so you can understand what they mean by you are annoying. There is a genrealization as to what is it to be annoying but everyone has their little pet peeves that drive them crazy.
  3. Control yourself?
  4. Or it could be them. I know certain people that drive me crazy when I'm high for no reason at all.
  5. what are you actually doing that annoys them?
    some of my peeves during a sesh with friends is:
    If you talk way too much, some is better than none but a lot is too much.
    If you don't want to watch any tv or do activities just sit there and smoke all the weed.
    If you want to go out and get munchies after one hit.
    Getting pissy for no apparent reason. 
    If you talk too loud or have an annoying laugh.
    if you get paranoid or sketch out over small noises (which you only hear because you're high)
    If you hold onto the bong too long before or after your turn. The person next to want to smoke too.
    If you wet the roach with spit.
    If you hold onto the joint when you're not drawing from it. This is annoying because the weed is getting burned away and joints burn quick.
    If you act like a stereotypical stoner.
    If you're a light-weight and you green out all the time so your friends have to look after you.
    If you spill bong water or ash everywhere.
    If you harsh the buzz by being deep and serious.
    If you try to out-alpha-male everyone just because a girl is there.
    If you only half smoke the bong and leave smoke in it, you should be able to clear it in one draw if not get a new bong.
    If you knock shit over on the table and make noise.
    If you get all deep and meaningful EVERY TIME you smoke, that's annoying.
    If you smoke weed to be cool.
    If you act like weeds a super serious drug.
    If you use too much weed slang. just call it weed. 
    If you insist on rolling the joint and then roll a sucky joint which you immediately canoe and half of it is lost.
    If you leave spit on the bong mouth-piece because you put your lips on it, your mouth should only be open enough to draw.
    Leaving heaps of ash in the bowl and not pulling it through.
  6. it sounds like people get too annoyed these days if you get annoyed while smoking you obviously have a bug up your ass its your friends, op there dipshit cock fuckers id suggest finding new tolerable friends me, i wouldnt fine u an noying one bit you are who you are if they dont like that tell them to shut the fuck up be happy im here of fuk off n go smoke  with a blkow up doll who dosnt say anything at all your friends piss me off, op
  7. wait, who has the bug up their ass?
  8. Very simple. Stop talking, relax, and enjoy the high.
  9. jesus christ that's quite a laundry list
  10. Don't blame yourself, go hang out with people that are worthy of your input, as once many people have smoked a bit, they let there shields down.... say stuff they wouldn't really say, so listen carefully
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    what are you doing thats causing you to be annoying? my best friend kinda gets like that too but then again I really dont care to be honest. honestly those are the type of people I dont like to smoke with. you get high to chill and let shit be, not be pissed off at someone feeling nice off of their high. my advice FUCK THEM!!!!!! enjoy your high how you want to enjoy it. 
    @[member="LordOfTheNugs"] the only one I can agree with you on is the holding it for too long. I think that pisses anyone off. 
  12. stop talking
  13. Sounds like youd be fun to smoke with ;)
    You sound like a bundle of laughs
  15. People who make unnecessarily long lists about shit that annoys them.
  16. #16 Vee, May 22, 2013
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    LIKE THIS .........!       lol
  17. just be you dude. if it bothers them, move on. if you're yourself all the time, itll work out.
                  a dude who is rarely himself :smoking:
  18. You really got to sort this out, as you may just be a nice guy, or there are those that smoke and have a psychotic fit ...and really go nuts, never to be held in self esteem decide!

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