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Annoying scary smoking adds on youtube...

Discussion in 'General' started by Chimera Prod, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Every other youtube ad I get lately is this horrible new anti smoking add by
    It shows people with Buergers disease who had to amputate all their limbs
    so I finally clicked on an add

    then of course I see all kinds of young people, for instance if you go to
    CDC - Tips From Former Smokers - Smoking & Tobacco Use
    You can see someone diagnosed with Buergers disease at only 18!! And he has no legs now. Of course theres others like people in their 30's and 40s with throat cancer.


    I smoked from like 18-21 but only vaporized after that and im 26 now.
    That crap is kinda scary though, the dude only 18 years old made me think wtf is up with that site.
  2. You need ad blocker man.
  3. download adblock plus. it's an incredibly useful firefox ad-on. prevents all kinds of advertisements and you don't have to toggle through the settings or do anything specific
  4. Cigs will fuck with you man.

    Im only 20 and I have a lung infection from smoking cigs while sick, and im desperately trying to quit.

    I dont wanna spend the last 15 years of my life hooked to machines.
  5. youtube commercials suck. I dont want to quit smoking, I don't want to see whatever new shitty movie, I don't want to convert to mormonism
  6. shittt the ads are adding youtube to their reign of terror?
  7. Yeah im def gonna get ad blocker now but it's mainly the fact that I didnt even know this crap existed.

    It sucks when I try to quit weed completely then I read about people who die of terminal cancer in their 20's and 30's who have never ever even smoked. So I'm like (dare I use the phrase) yolo and blaze.
    But then I see this crap and how smoking kills.

    I know weed has more carcinogens than cigs thats why I vaporize now but still its crazy to think about especially if you have an overactive mind and anxiety
  8. wait wait wait wait wait.

    Are you saying all these cases are from WEED smokers?

    cause like.. cmon lol

  9. Cigarettes

  10. Ya the bold threw me off lol
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    weed is worse than cigs though, the anti-tumor properties aren't really something you should trust, I've read through many threads and most of the knowledgeable people agree that burning anything is bad. The messed up thing is not only does weed have more carcinogens, but there hasn't really been studies on it because only a very very small percent of the population smoke weed only.
    There is simply not enough people who smoke weed and have never smoked cigs to have a proper study on weed smokers only. A study like that won't come out for another decade. I also read there may be a cancer epidemic from weed smokers in the future
    (I really hope not)

    But you can still die young anyway, and then regret that u never splurged.
    All things in moderation I guess, I just hope vaporizing really is healthy..
    And that most of the smokers who get cancer probably would have gotten cancer anyway without smoking (or so I can pretend)

    One of the most interesting studies I read was when they subjected a bunch of mice to cig smoke for several years and NONE of them got cancer.
    You never know though. My main question was is this anti smoking site really taking things to far and are these people really suffereing because the culprit is cigs? Maybe they are just unlucky

  12. I don't think it's ignorant or premature to say that tobacco is worse for you than weed. I think it's extremely ignorant to say that weed is worse than tobacco after all the reputable studies. One study about mice doesn't even mean anything (I googled the story you mentioned. Only one link that looked fake. Look up a few more articles about mice and cigarette smoke and I think you'll see the opposite of what you said).
  13. Diont smoke blunts and don't smoke cigarettes

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    I just googled this for a bit and found 10+ sites saying animals tested with heavy cig smoking from years to decades never developed cancer and didn't really find one that said it did. That is interesting to me, I didn't want to turn this into an argument.

    Don't smoke anything more like it, everyone should vape or eat edibles. Logic says burning weed is no better than cigs. I'm more curious about how healthy vaporizing really is, I think its maybe more like 25-50% less carcinogens even though some places say 90%
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    source: Smoking Experiments on Animals |

    Also read up on Animals and tobacco smoke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Before you say you don't trust Wikipedia, just go to the darn sources at the bottom of the page.

    You must be blindfolded if you can't find an article saying that tobacco is harmful to animals.

    Here's another website with links to specific studies:
    Smokefree Pets -

    And as to you saying that smoking weed is just as unhealthy as smoking tobacco, please just google "weed smoke vs. tobacco smoke"
    I'm not saying that smoking weed isn't bad for you. I'm just saying that it isn't as bad as smoking tobacco. It should also be noted that weed doesn't have nicotine which is bad in its own ways for your cells/brain/etc. and that most people who smoke weed don't smoke weed nearly as much as tobacco smokers smoke tobacco...

  16. If you are really worried about your health than you shouldn't even vaporize. Do you realize the amount of pesticides and chemicals they spray on those buds you are heating up and inhaling the vapors. Those chemicals are never washed off in any way. Some of those chemicals are probably within the same vaporization range that cannabinoids are, so you are probably inhaling something bad every time you inhale cannabis smoke or vapor. Granted, vaporizing is probably many times over more safe than smoking.
  17. Fuck it I smoke cigarettes, weed and I drink fairly often too. I understand the risks quite well in regard to the substances that I use, but it's my life and my body so therefore I continue.

  18. I hate it when people say that but when I was looking through this thread again I realized the same thing.

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