Annoying computer problem.

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  1. Hi all, i've made this thread as I require a bit of assistance. Since monday, when using my laptop i cannot access certain links. It seems to stem from where they are situated on the page.Using Grasscity as a i will attempt to explain. Look to the top of the page, you see the links '' my account'' '' sign out'' and ''notifications''? I cant click on any of them. As in my cursor dose not change into hand form, it stays as an arrow. This has been occuring on every site i have visited in pretty much the last four days. I cant access links present in the top quarter or so of any website. What the hell is going on?
  2. Is it like your cursor like on the wrong layer?
  3. Does this problem occur in IE, firefox and/or chrome? Or just one browser?

    There are probably other ways to do it, but if you dont care to find out exactly what the problem is, or you dont have time, just start over fresh with your browser.

    Backup your bookmarks and note your passwords saved if you have any then uninstall your browser, along with any personal settings or preferences you may have had with that particular browser.

    Restart and reinstall the browser. Let us know how it goes.
  4. Ok dude, will try that now.
  5. Theres something wrong with Internet Explorer that will cause this problem. If your using IE, at leas upgrade to the newest version (it looks pretty good actually the new IE browser) I think there is some sort of update that messes up Internet Explorer because i had to download firefox after experiencing this same issue a week ago.
  6. #1 - Don't rely on saved passwords, know your shit
    #2 - Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset
    #3 - Check the box to delete personal settings. Click Reset
    #4 - Restart IE

    No guarantees it will fix it but this is a good step any time you run into problems in IE.

    At this point I still recommend AGAINST using Internet Explorer 9. I run into too many sites that don't work properly in it.

    I recommend Google Chrome as option #1, followed by Firefox, then IE8 in third place. Safari is probably fine too, but fuck it.

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