Annoying ass friends

Discussion in 'General' started by killermaxwell, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I chill with them and smoke buds with em all nd shit they smoke me up and vice versa but

    it gets annoying as fuck when they call and are like "yo dude wanna chill" and i'm just not in the mood for whatever reason and say no i'm doing shit, they'll annoy the fuck outta me calling my fone nd shit

    trying to convince me and even fucking show up at my parents house and knock on the windows nd shit it annoys the fuck out of me. jesus.

    idk my friends are dicks and piss me off. I need new ones.
  2. Tell your friends you guys arent 14 anymore. Unless you are.
  3. so do something about it,

    surround yourself with people that compliment the activities and type of thinking you yourself enjoy,

    take a day or two and just relax by yourself. we all need varying amounts of personal space. . . perhaps your not getting enough
  4. Me and my friends like to play a game where whenever one of us can't hang out we kick eachother in the nuts.
  5. Thats how you handle business.
  6. word bro, thanks. deep shit. how stoned are you right now haha.
  7. not one eency little bit stoned,

  8. Haha this kid I used to hang out with was like gay for my other friend. Like friend "K" would call friend "T", and would be like yo were coming to pick you up. He would say no and be like I'm chillin with people... but "K" would come over anyway and basically force him in the car. Everyone swears "K" is gay for him... and no one really chills/likes him anymore.

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