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annoyed (weird question, bare with me)

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by hazyyxo, May 26, 2009.

  1. now, lets just say I've been seeing this guy for a long time. we both smoke but he probably smokes way more than me, leading him to just be a complete burnout..

    I know its bad when he doesn't even remember what day it is or when we hung out last.

    are these signs that hes just not that into me Or am i jst being paranoid and its only a pothead thing?? lol dont get me wrong, he's a nice guy & the communication is getting better but the first 6 months all we did was mess around, Im just in a confused state of mind and want to get the show on the road already.. help me out?
  2. what do you mean by get the show on the road?
  3. Not really a sign that he's not into you or a pothead thing. When I'm not at school or working a 9-5 job I frequently forget what day it is or how many days have gone between specific things. You just tend to lose track of things when there isn't much to mark out the day
  4. First ask yourself, is it the sex? Or is he really worth more?
  5. by that I guess I meant be something more than what we are and realize Im not just a girl to fuck around with.
  6. this is true i guess, seeing as how he does have a few jobs..but still.
  7. obviously sex makes a person stick around there's no use in denying that , however, there comes a point where the sex makes you wonder where it could end up and/or if its really worth the time spent just messing around.
  8. Then I guess you should start wondering.
    No one can give you an answer to that but yourself. Good luck.
  9. Well, if he has three jobs, i doubt he is some type of lazy stoner that can't remember shit...

    that's all i can gather.

    do you guys hang out a lot?
    how long have you guys been dating?
  10. we've been "seeing eachother" for 8 months now I believe..
    we have a weird relation/friendship type thing...we dont hang out enough i guess

  11. you sound like you want to be with him, more than "seeing eachother". Am I right?

    are you two exclusive?

    either way, you guys should probably sit down and figure out together if your relationship is going anywhere. 8 months is a long time to me! I would at least want to know where I stood in your situation. Ya know, find out if he wants to be with you or if he's just killing time
  12. Well, if it isn't established that you're in a committed relationship, the first, best, and ONLY way to make it happen is to talk to him- and be direct about it. Tell him that you're really into him, that you're serious about him and about that you want a committed relationship, and that you want him to take it seriously.

    Forgetfulness comes easily in adulthood, especially when you're busy as hell. I very rarely smoke and I can be quite forgetful and lose track of what day of the week it is or how long ago a certain event took place. I wouldn't consider forgetfulness in and of itself to be a sign that he's just not that into you. Combined with other signs, however, it may be.

    The best way to get to the bottom of it is to TALK to him. Direct, honest, open communication is the key to success in ANY relationship- whether it's between friends, lovers, family members, coworkers, or any two people really.
  13. you're right, I definitely want someone to care for me, in all aspects at this point. I think the problem is we still havent really gotten to know each other and its probably my mistake for having walls, which I often have with people
  14. I agree but we're both almost 20 , not that it makes a difference..
    communication is everything , I have a problem w. that though, lol especially if i sense mixed signals from the other person.
  15. It's really hard when you're afraid of rejection or looking like an idiot. Trust me, I know- I met THE MOST AWESOME GUY EVER and even though I have some signs he might like me, I am sooo afraid of rejection that I won't be forthcoming with my feelings, so nothing is happening between us.

    Sometimes though, to get what you want, you really just have to bite the bullet and grab the dude by the balls.
  16. youre so right girl ...
    easier said/written than done, huh ? lol
    grrr, good luck w. your situation though
  17. well if u want him, make it clear. i know i wouldnt smoke myself to a burn out if knew the girl Im with wants me.

    also maybe he smokes himself outta his mind because hes insecure and smokes it away? because he wants u too but doesnt know what to do?
    and acts a fool?

    or hes just a lazy ass stoner and isnt much of a tight grip, which would suck cause u do have these ppl unfortunatly.

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