Annoyed that my girlfriend is going vegan...

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  1. I don't know why, but I LOATHE the idea of being vegan. I can't stand how most vegans are all in your face about it and mention that they're vegan every chance they get. AND they try to make me vegan. I try REALLY hard to not stereotype a group. I know I'm being irrational.

    But every time my girlfriend talks about being vegan, I get steamed. I don't want to feel like this. It's not my body nor my choice. I'm not trying to convince her to not do it or anything. I'm being unsupportive and rude in my head. I don't want to accidentally say something mean. I don't want to be a dick.

    How can I make myself feel better about this?

    Please don't be rude. I know I'm being irrational. I'm just asking for help.

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  2. show her that she's wrong
    with your penis.
  3. give her that hot beef injection. she'll realize what she be missin

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  4. Compromise with a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.
  5. go eat a big fatty juicy mooing steak...won't do shit to help her going against nature (we are omnivores), but think of it, that big fat juicy tasty steak...mmmMMmm so tasty....
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    Ugh, I wouldn't be able to stand being vegan! If you went to a slaughter house you would feel more sympathy though. It is quite inhumane how they do it. Most slaughterhouses tie the animal up by their feet, still alive. They are lined up, tazed, and have an X carved into their chest so their organs slowly fall out so that they stay alive long enough for the meat to be fresh. Even though this is quite inhumane, the reason it hasn't turned me into a vegan or vegetarian is because I understand that our species requires meat and always have since we have evolved on it our entire history. I've seen some very dedicated vegetarians and their skin complexions can be quite eerie, pasty would be the best word to describe it. Let her know that being vegan is not something you are comfortable with, and If she keeps going , get serious with her. Serious talk. :mellow:
  7. Give her a cock meat sandwich and she'll begin to reconsider
  8. We don't require meat.
    Speak for yourself  :bongin:
  10. chillout and let her get on with it, don't know why you'd be annoyed its not a big deal and most vegans i know aren't in your face about it. she'll probably give up within a month anyway, cheese is on everything.
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  11. fixed that for you. theres a difference between 'require' and 'want'
  12. See, animal cruelty is NOT something I am for. When I can afford it, I do try to get free range, grass fed meats. But I do believe that humans are omnivores and that some animals are on this earth to be used by humans. Although, that is NO reason to treat them cruelly. Besides, she's doing it for "health" reasons. I'm just afraid for her health because most vegans have to take a bunch of supplements to get what they need. Like, if you can't get your nutrients from what you are eating, something's wrong. She just doesn't understand that you can eat healthy without being vegan or vegetarian.

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  13. The only real big problem that will come of this is the two of them trying to buy groceries together and have dinners together. It is going to get difficult and expensive.
  14. Ugh. So tasty. I wish I could afford a big, medium rare filet right now. Nom.

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  15. I hear a lot of people saying they feel vegans look malnourished. I don't understand why they would be because it is easy to get all your nutrients and everything if you are eating healthy, vegan foods. I think the problem comes from someone being a vegan but still having trouble eating proper amounts of healthy foods and especially getting their veggies down. If you aren't eating meat, you really need to make sure you are getting enough veggies, beans, and nuts to make up for the protein.
  16. My advice to you is get over yourself. Not every vegan is an in-your-face hipster douche; in fact, it seems most people go out of their way to insult vegans/vegetarians without any provocation whatsoever. Plus, there really is no logical objection to veganism so all these people just sounds really stupid.
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  17. Exactly! She is going to live on-campus next year in college (instead of just moving in with me to save us both money) and there's no way in hell she will be able to afford it! Unless she uses her loan money that, if we end up together, I will have to pay for with her. It just makes no sense to me.

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  18. All but one vegan I have ever met has been "I CAN'T EAT THAT. I'M VEGAN." "I'm vegan, so I'm a lot healthier than you" "I only shop at health food stores." "Is this organic? Because if it isn't, I can't eat it."

    I'm just afraid she will become a person that annoys the shit out of me. We are going on two years together and I don't want to throw that all away over this.

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  19. So she's already more concerned with having a typical college experience instead of building a strong relationship with you. You two are already heading down to the fork in the road - that part where you both go your own ways haha bad metaphor.
    then you had best check your science...humans are omnivores for a reason.
    <I bet you think lions should eat tofu, you would nerf the king of the jungle>

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