ANNOUNCMENT: Forming a Coalition!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by JMosesWilde, Feb 19, 2001.

  1. I am putting together a group to travel around the country and spread the word on many different important topics that go largely ignored in this country! The organization to be made up of citizens for freedom, peace, equality, and justice for all is aimed at redistributing wealth and power in our country.

    Mo Wilde Ventures is proud to announce the North American Wild Ass Roadtrip for Peace and Freedom!

    I am putting out a call to all progressives, lefties, legalization seekers, environmentalists, animal rights activists, artists, musicians, anyone who is fed up with the current sytem of government in our country and is ready to make a change. We must band together to fight the right wing and their partners the democrats for control of this country! There are 100 million non-voters in the US who are largely ignored by the major two parties, these are OUR friends. I am taking a tour across America this spring to educate and register people to vote. This is a movement, not a political party, though I believe our best chance to get our issues heard are through the Green party right now.

    I have a lot of ideas, including a roadshow with music and comedy, an info flea market to spread the word of what our government is or is not doing regarding our individual causes. I find that so many groups have like causes once they get together, they tend to bond nicely. Legalized Marijuana can and will be a reality in theis country if we stand together with a united front on human rights among others.

    Please respond to this call, on May 19th we will all meet in Washington DC and begin to make our presence felt in America. This will be a web based movement. We will have a newsletter for those of our brothers and sisters w/o web access at this time. There is much to do, but I beeive that we are on the right track.

    The organizations web page should be up by this coming Friday.

    Come and join the fight for freedom in America, together we will achieve justice, and justice includes our right to put into our bodies what we choose to put into them.

    Peace and solidarity
  2. I am extremely interested in being a part of this movement. I will check the website regularly so that I may see how to get involved.

    I also encourage everybody else who truly believes in the cause to get involved and try to get the laws changed.
  3. This just in, looks like this thing ma grow more rapidly than I had hoped. I think I got a small group of friends coming together in Southern Indiana who will help put something good together for may 19.....

    more to come
  4. Keep us posted moses!


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