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Announcement: Feds open Total tech spy system on US Citizens.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by SuiJuris, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Excerpts:

    1) "Under the Combating Terrorism Act, prosecutors could authorize surveillance for 48-hour periods *without a judge's approval.*

    Warrantless surveillance appears to be limited to:

    a) the addresses of websites your visited,

    b) the names and addresses of your e-mail correspondents, and so on

    The legislation would cover URLs, which include information such as:

    c) what Web pages you're visiting and

    d) what terms you type in when visiting search engines."

    For this full article, which obviously effects everyone on this board... http://rense.com/general28/techspy.htm

    or go to www.rense.com, scroll down to 'headlines' and look for 'turn in your friends ands neigbors'

    very fascinating...
  2. whats next

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  3. im totally fuckin tierd of this govt. bullshit, what happend to freedom? fuck it if they want to snoop on my shit they can I aint got nothin to hide
  4. i'm to the point where i don't care what happens to me if i get cought doing whut i love to do, prison doesn't scare me i'm sure i can get even more drugs in there.
  5. Don't make me do it... I'll do it..

    Ten year bump.. Yeah...

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