Announcement: Feds open Total tech spy system on US Citizens.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SuiJuris, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Excerpts:

    1) "Under the Combating Terrorism Act, prosecutors could authorize surveillance for 48-hour periods *without a judge's approval.*

    Warrantless surveillance appears to be limited to:

    a) the addresses of websites your visited,

    b) the names and addresses of your e-mail correspondents, and so on

    The legislation would cover URLs, which include information such as:

    c) what Web pages you're visiting and

    d) what terms you type in when visiting search engines."

    For this full article, which obviously effects everyone on this board...

    or go to, scroll down to 'headlines' and look for 'turn in your friends ands neigbors'

    very fascinating...
  2. whats next

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  3. im totally fuckin tierd of this govt. bullshit, what happend to freedom? fuck it if they want to snoop on my shit they can I aint got nothin to hide
  4. i'm to the point where i don't care what happens to me if i get cought doing whut i love to do, prison doesn't scare me i'm sure i can get even more drugs in there.
  5. Don't make me do it... I'll do it..

    Ten year bump.. Yeah...

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