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  1. hey guys, I dont know about you guys but i effin <3 anime. And i found a site that has a shit load of streaming anime. The quality isnt all that great. But its free and theres some pretty decent stuff like naruto eps 1-185. but yea anyway heres the link. hope you enjoy it as much as i have been . tell me if you dig it. sorry to waste your time if you dont:wave:
  2. I'll stick with Roadrunner.
  3. I hate anime. If you're 18 and still watching cartoons you need to get with the program. Do something constructive with your lives.
  4. rofl, you're a moron.

    Just because something is animated doesn't make it juvenile, you should watch some cartoons. You're ignorant.
  5. ah, the obligatory anti anime mindset. its just entertainment. thats all. not a totem of immaturity or whatever else you could have meant by that post.
  6. Hey, I don't watch that Japenese stuff, but I watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and that cartoon is made for stoners. Also, Family Guy and The Oblongs and Futurama are funny as hell too, and they are all cartoons. I bet a bunch of members of this site watch atleast one of those shows I just mentioned. Don't make fun of someone because they like something different than you, thats not cool.
  7. I was referring to the Japanese anime that everyone crazes about nowadays.

    If you want to watch cartoons that's fine with me. I'm all for personal choice and all but I have friends that will watch the stuff all day long and buy all the weird anime dolls and whatnot.

    You could even say they're addicted to it.

    edit- Actually, they're not friends, I would never hang around people like that. I just know people from school that are like that and have their dorms covered in 'hentai babe' posters. And they wander why they don't get laid.
  8. I agree, watching cartoons doesnt make you imature, ignorance sure does though :rolleyes:
  9. This anime is as close to hentai, as the 700 club is to debbie does dallas
  10. Most of that shit like Ghost in the Shell or Neon Genesis Evangelion confuses the fuck out of me. You have to like read a 10 page background history of it online on some angelfire site with a background capable of giving seizures. Anything that complicated i give up on. I'll stick to futurama.
  11. I'm sure it isn't.
  12. ok heres how i feel. If you dont like anime, why did you even click on a thread named "anime"? just doesnt make sense, I posted the link for people that do like anime. So dont waste my time or yours hating on it.
  13. Because he feels that a site where everyone gets along isn't fun, so he must start debates. Thats what he said in my Twizzler Twerps thread.
  14. This thread is open to opinions. We give ours, you give yours, we all combine to make a family. ;D

    Oh, and please don't tell us what not to post until you're a moderator :D
  15. EXACTLY!!!!!

    Now you all understand my method of madness!

  16. Yes, one very stoned family. :D
  17. Haha exactly!

    Oh, and steve, there is a line of civility that you tend to cross. But hey, it's your account, post whatever the hell you want!
  18. booo anime
    i gave that stuff up three years ago
  19. Uh oh, we have another person voicing their opinion that's different from yours!

    Call the cyber police! Quick!
  20. But he's not calling people children for being over 18 and watching it :p st3ve, you've got some learnin' to do.

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