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  1. any anime fans here? and no, i'm not talking about Naruto ; )

    i realy liked movies like Ninja Scroll, Akira, Vampire Hunter D, and Ghost In The Shell....but its been a loong time since i've bothered to watch anything new.
  2. why aren't you talking about naruto? what's wrong with naruto.

    and by anime fan -- fan of the subbed. hate the dubbed, can't stand that fake crap.

    but you can't hate on bleach. i don't give a fuck what anyone says. can't hate on bleach.

    love fruits baskets and all the other little girly ones. full metal alchemist was good too..
  3. i used to watch this one with my sister,

    about a group of assassins. . but the name escapes me
  4. haha, no hate dude...just a joke

    i haven't seen Bleach or any of those newer series, but i think cowboy Bebop is my favorite series of all time.....Outlaw Star and Samurai Champloo were cool too.
  5. what?! :eek:
    you haven't got onto bleach yet?
    i HIGHLY recommend it!!
  6. The only anime i like

  7. Anime...

    I just don't get it.

    Its really dumb, but this is my opinion. If you like it, more power to you. It just doesn't make sense to me.

  8. My favorite recent I recently saw was "Tekkonkinkreet" - AWESOME animation and art, and very touching story. It's about 2 street urchins in Japan who are trying to protect their turf from the Yakuza.

    Here's a good review:

    I also recently finished "Paranoia Agent", by Satoshi Kon (he also did Paprika). Awesome series! And the episodes are short, which is nice for a shorter attention span. The plot is a boy is riding around town beating people with a hockey stick, and the detectives are trying to find out who the culprit is.

  9. .. wow. don't say that to a bunch of anime fans. :cool:
    and no one asked for your opinion. it's for those who DO like anime.
  10. i actually did ask for his opinion and i loved it
  11. that M.D mutha fucka is a straight monsta kid
  12. M.D Geist *****

  13. what is wrong with you?


    and if i remember reading correctly, this thread is for anime fans. so not one. gtfo! :D
  14. i'm into fist fightin anime like baki the grappler
  15. to each her own :cool:
  16. Well, I love anime, but my fave apart from Cowboy Bebop is Berserk.
    Berserk is a freaking awesome anime. The manga is way better, however.
  17. I'm not really into anime but Ninja Scroll is the shit!
  18. hell yeah it is
  19. boo. i sometimes hate getting sucked into such a good anime. cause when the episode is over -- im snatched back into the real world. also, i always want to do what the anime characters do when i get REALLY into it. anyone else get like this?
  20. i think code geass gundam wing 00 naruto bleach deathnote and others

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