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  1. I know there is another anime thread but I'm trying to go a different way in this one. Here you can post what anime you like and why or what type of genre you like ie, Fantasy, Adventure, Shojo, Cyber Punk, Steam Punk, Shonen (one piece, bleach ect), Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, Random, Satire, Mind Fuck, Guro (gore), Ecchi, Epic animes, Classics. Anyways you should get the picture and the responder should list several animes and how they're similar or worth watching. When said person is done watching it, if they ever do write what they thought about it.

    This is not a place to discuss whats going on or what could happen in Bleach or Naruto, It's to simply give help to someone whose looking for a new show to watch.

    That's not saying you shouldn't discuss the recommendations, just don't get carried away like in some other threads.

    For instance shows like Bakemonogatari, Sayonara Zetsubou, Hayate no Gotoku!! or upcoming animes like Fairy Tale, reviews and ideas could be updated anytime if you want. for instance "I was liking it, but this episode made if feel to awkward and outlandish"

    The idea is for anyone who appricates anime to talk about it indepth thather some otaku kids at a lunch table.
  2. Just go to of reviews and recomendations (Just look under each entry in the database).
  3. My anime list does to, the point is to have similar convo's within the city and the people we know.
  4. I'd have to say Bakemonogatari and Zan Sayonaran Zetsubou Sensei are the two best series this season. They're both made by SHAFT who uses a very unique animation style not seen in other animes. Sayonara Zetubou Sensei in my own opinion is one of the best comedies out there. It is a very dark comedy that comments on society. It's about a suicidal teacher instructing his class on the dispairs of life, but his students are just as, if not more messed up than he is.

    Bakemono has similar aspects to this but this tells a more serious story, it's about a boy who was had his curse as being a vampire removed, now hes stuck helping people in other paranormal/occult situations but still holds comical elements, a decent amount of action and tons of ideology and psychological factors.

    Both shows have no filler, well the former has more of a slice of life, day by day feel that keeps it fresh and addressing new issues.

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