Animated Gif Shows How Legal Marijuana Is Spreading All Around The Country

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    Marijuana is increasingly tolerated in the United States. Last November, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana and tax it like a commodity. 
    More states are considering following Washington and Colorado down the path of legalization.
    Ethan Nadelmann, the Executive Director of the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance, told us last month that the next states to push for legalization will be those states that led the pack on medical marijuana. 
    Here's a GIF showing marijuana's march to legalization

  2. It's been a long road...we just gotta keep on walking and hoping for change.
  3. Here in Canada my province is at the point of decriminalization and i think thats the farthest any province has gotten so far? I know they issue medical marijuana however its extremely difficult to get one even if you need it. 
  4. Haha this is a great GIF thanks for posting!
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    Good stuff.  It hasn't spread far enough tho. 
    Fuck, I just wish I could find a supplier right now
  6. C'mon Louisiana!

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