Animals that would kill you one-on-one Vol. 2

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  1. you don't realize how strong an octopus is and how big they can get, i saw a video of a guy that got his face suctioned by one and it was tiny and him and 3 people were trying to get it off and they couldn't and it was pulling his mouth piece out of his mouth and almost killed him
  2. a seal or sea lion will fucking kill you, over 400 lbs of muscle and a vicious ass bite i think in the water they have total control of any person unarmed

    elephants, obviously

    wild boars are vicious and could most likely kill you

    mastiffs, great danes, caucasian mountain dogs (ESPECIALLY) would also fuck a human up.... have u guys ever seen a caucasian mountain dog? fucking nuts
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    sick dogs
  4. a T-rex would fuck *****z up.. you ever see jurrassic park? shit man.
  5. wolverine's can take down fully grown deer...they're basically like ENORMOUS badgers with razor sharp claws and teeth and they're exceptionally aggressive.

    african wild dogs are missing, these are the motherfuckers that hunt lionesses

    the only thing that is fast and strong enough to take one of these down is a man lion, they aren't fast enough to hunt, but they just have sheer muscle....

    drunk rambling thoughts...

    funny thing is back in the DAY lions were thought to be some kind of demon or something like that, because I mean...seriously...if you saw one of those motherfuckers for the first time, and heard one of those things roar, who wouldn't think it was a demon?

  6. i was considering adding african wild dogs, but they weigh 80 pounds at most. most are 50-60. strong and ferocious i'm sure, but I've still got a hunch that the hyena trainer would tear an african wild dog apart.
  7. Well it depends on if you were in water or not but I doubt any human would be able to take an orca (killer whale)

  8. ummm...what?
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    maybe if it was sedated...

    "This disemboweling was a reason to regard the African Wild Dog as repulsive, but recent studies have shown that prey of the African Wild Dog die quicker than prey of the lion and the leopard, which kill their prey by grabbing the throat and suffocating the animal."

    but yeah, whoever said water buffalo is definitely right, they're the most deadly animal in africa I believe, in terms of numbers killed. I was watching a special on them and they will hide from hunters in bushes, wait til they get close and they trample/gore the shit out of them. Also if they smell lion cubs nearby they trample them too.
  10. You guys are forgetting zombies :p (28 Days Later variety of course, a regular shambling zombie would be easy to take).


    And I was listening to George Carlin last night, and I forget what the joke was, but he mentioned a wolverine on angel dust. That would probably be able to rip apart more than one person.
  11. if i was on pcp i wuld be able to take down a wolverine i believe just cause of the pure strength and anger that comes with it, ive seen a guy break through a fence on pcp just completely fucking ripped it up its a helluva drug
  12. now i want to see a dude on PCP fight a wolverine on PCP...

    dear jesus :eek:

  13. Now THAT would be entertaining. I'd still put my money on the wolverine, because it has its claws. We're assuming that the human would be unarmed, right?

    All this talk of PCP effects on a human have got me thinking a scenario like 28 Days Later isn't that far off. If everyone was given a very high dose of PCP and set loose against each other in a riot sort of thing, we'd have something very similar to the infected.
  14. A Killer whale would fuck you in the ass on so many levels.

    Do the animals have to still be living? Can they be extinct?

    Because if that's the case, dinosaurs would fuck you up also.
    Carnivores that is i don't know about them herbivores.
    that little foot looked like he was a bad motherfucker. lmao.
  15. Octopus could definitely own you underwater:

  16. I'd like to dispute jellyfish and poison dart frogs. Assuming you aren't naked in a bare room, you can easily see and outrun poison dart frogs. And you can just smash em' with a rock or log. A pillow would probably kill them.

    Jellyfish are only dangerous cuz you can't see or touch them. But they aren't going to hunt your ass down so just wear a raincoat sealed with ductape and googles and shit and you're good.

    If you don't get clothes are rocks or anything then there's about a million species of insect that could infect you with malaria or the plague or some shit and fly off before you noticed they were there.

    i'm gonna ad man to that list, on account of them being the most dangerous game

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