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  1. What animal do you think has the greatest potential, evolution-wise, to being able to speak fluent languages? Think about it. :smoke:
  2. mockingbirds, but it'd be more mockery than actual understanding
  3. Parrots, They talk like humans.
  4. I would say Dolphin's or Whale's. We already know these mammal's speak too each other, just because we cant understand the language doesn't make it not language.
  5. Dolphins they are one of the smartest creatures. And one of the few that has a since of self.

    But if you watch southpark then otters... oh and crab people.
  6. Dogs if you get them high everyday

  7. hahahah I geeked out.
  8. Chimps and gorillas can learn and communicate in human language, and dolphins apparently have a language that they use to communicate in the wild. Bees can also communicate very effectively through "dancing."

    I'm not sure what the cut-off is for "fluent language," but almost all animals that live in large groups have come up with a way to tell the other members of their group what's up.
  9. If you mean by fluent languages, our human languages.

    I think indeed parrots are a good one. I dont know how smart they actually are, but I know they grow very old and can already copy human speech.

    And yes also dolphins. I do see them speak english in a few days training, but who the fuck knows. Same goes for other primates, its gonna take hella long before any animal can actually speak a human language. Look at how long it took us.
  10. Girlfriend, she talks,talks,talks... its worst animal on this planet.
  11. Yeah I think dolphins have a pretty advanced communication system.
  12. i agree with dogs. they clearly have thoughts, and they clearly have vocal chords. they are slowly learning language one word at a time. eventually all our crazy radiation and pollution will morph dogs into the next dominant species. the new money will be milkbones
  13. Dogs. It's already happened:

    [ame=]Ultimate Dog Tease - YouTube[/ame]

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