Animals destroying plant pots please help

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    EDIT: Theres no bloodmeal i know this is a common cause just Peat Perlite and topsoil.

    Well for the longest time something kept digging up my plants out of the pots. So i decided to try grinding up some soap and sprinkling it around the pots along with peeing all around them.

    That worked for about 3 days then i went back to go look at them today and every single pot had been knocked over and all the plants had been uprooted.

    This is VERY devistating to me because this is my first time i have ever actually ordered seeds from a seed bank... got 15 pack of white widow.

    The animals that are around my area is; Lots of white tail deer, lots of raccoons, beavers, squirrels, possums.

    Any input would be very appreciated :)
  2. That would piss me off exteremly. Kill every animal in the area.
  3. Lots and lots of bear traps.
  4. Highly suggest chicken fencing to put around your plot. Try hair trimmings or even dog or cat fur.

    Also this has worked for some (but not everyone) but if you get stove top liners and hang them around your plants it might create enough noise to scare off the animal because they aren't used to certain noises.
  5. Dig holes and place the pots in those then place a "mat" of chicken wire on the ground to keep the animals from sounds to me like you have bone/blood meal in your soil and coons are digging at them...or squirrels looking for nuts :-/ if you have blood/bone meal in your soil try taking panty hose and adding some in those wetting it and hanging it from a thin tree branch away from your plot...this will help attract coons away from your plots and the branch should be thin enough to keep them from climbing on it and it should be high enough to keep coyotes or other animals from jumping for it. Soap will help keep deer away, also try synthetic predator urine such as wolf or coyote...kept deer out of my plot...also try fishing line around your plot.
  6. On a side note...
    If you want to keep them in the pots and not dig at all you could take the chicken wire and have extra length and use tent spikes to secure the c-wire to the ground to help keep the coons from knocking over your plants pots.
  7. :rolleyes:find out what your dealing with by its tracks.
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  9. you can get lots of chicken wire for cheap
  10. Where do you buy chicken wire? (Home Depot, Wal-mart?)
  11. I bought my chicken wire at home depot..
  12. Right on man, I defiantly have to get some for my girls.
  13. it's also called poultry netting....

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