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should animal testing be allowed?

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  1. many products, including shampoo and soap, and medicine, are first tested on animals before they are testedon humans. What's your view on the issue? is it right, wrong?

    my opinion is that animal testing isn't wrong. Obvioulsy no one wants animals to die, but if animal testing can help determine whether or not a product (especially medicine) is safe for humans, then by all means go for it. and for those that are against it, what would you rather have, humans be given medicine that haven't been tested?
    - i feel sorry for the number of animals that are killed during these tests, and my view on this issue is that some sort of day should be dedicated for them, because they deserve some sort of recognition.
  2. In this day and age they should of found other ways on testing there products.
  3. Why do humans have any right to put themselves above other living creatures? In my opinion, they don't. I don't eat meat, and never ever use any products tested on animals. These sick fucking scientists have no conscience. It's really not worth the pain and suffering of countless animals for tear free shampoo, is it? Most people do not realize the awful things inflicted upon animals in animal testing. It's sick, unethical, and wrong.
  4. animal testing isnt a nessecity. the knowledge can be gained just as well from computer simulations and human testing. and now we can make genetic material to do testing on. so... why would we need to test on animals anymore?
  5. Animal testing for cosmetics is wrong. Animal experimentation for medicinal purposes is a more grey issue.

    Well regulated it's no more inhumane than raising cattle for meat, chickens for eggs or pheasant for shootin! *lol*
  6. "If you dont eat meat, you turn into a pussy."
    - Eric Cartman

  7. why would tear free shampoo cause harm to anything?
  8. there's a limit to animal testing, i can't understand how killing apes by hitting them with a hammer or cutting them in to pieces helps mankind? and the tobacco tests are just torturing. fuck that, I find no justification for animal testing.
    Medicine and such products don't have to be tested on living beings, we/they allready know how the human body works, what causes what, what happens when X and X are combined.

  9. holy shit, they cut apes up into little pieces? thats not cool, choppin apes into little pieces is not cool!

  10. because before we find the tear free shampoo gallons of "teary" shampoo is squirted into the eyes of the animals.

    i'm not sure your opinion matters on this anyway cowofsteel...

    you're made of steel. "teary" shampoo is hardly going to hurt you.

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