Animal Instincts......

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  1. I am not sure why chicks hide their animal instincts until they get to know you or maybe even not at all.

    We are all animals, we should fuck as much as possible, even if it is in a safe way, we should all just fuck. Share girls/guys with friends, oral sex all the time......

    I like chicks that are open and have been around the block....

    What do you guys think?
  2. Damn straight

  3. as long as they bathe lol
  4. How about those gang bang pornos... Brings back the memories of my ancestors animal instincts to gang rape women. ;)
  5. I'd rather have sex with someone that hasn't been passed around. Knowing a bunch of dicks have been in her kind of makes me disgusted. But to each there own :eek: .
    I guess I like feeling special?
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    ^ same here. If I'm really into a chick and have feelings for her and I find out she's been fucked quite a lot, it ruins the meaning and is a turnoff.
  7. agree, i dont like the thought of lots of dicks having been where im about to put mine.
  8. I think it sounds like you'll have herpes soon.
  9. wouldn't oral technically be against "animal instincts" since our instincts tell us to procreate, and thats not going to aid in that. not saying its not great, but its definitely not instinct. We have the privilege of having sex for pleasure and not having to have babies unless we choose to. Animals do not do this. birth control and being human ftw
  10. dolphins fuck for fun^^
  11. but they dont have birth control now do they :) so they are still procreating in the matter how fun it may be for them. Dont you think people deciding to have a baby, have fun doing it?

  12. my friends are beautiful, i'd love to bang em.
  13. I never said they had birth control

    I thought there was a "animals don't fuck for fun" somewhere in that previous post.

    guess not
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    I didn't once say that lol I said they don't have the privilege of only having sex for fun and not for procreation. Even if animal did it for fun, they don't have a choice whether to procreate or not thats all meant lol. And on another note lol I wouldn't be attracted to someone if I knew they'd slept around. But if someone acts like an animal in the bedroom then that's cool lol
  15. yeah man I hears ya. I was just sayin I misread what you wrote.
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    Haha no worries :)

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