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Aniexty, Overthinking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BaueR3545, May 31, 2013.

  1. Hello all, Ive been smoking for 2 years now and have recently had a panic attack not related to pot, (coping with a parents death) but ever since this episode, I havent been enjoying the ganj as much. I'll still get very high but I will overthink the small sensations in my body which I normally enjoy. I tell myself each time I smoke that I'm fine and not to freak out, but I always find myself geeking. I think its 95% mental and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or techniques to ease my overthinking.. Do I need to talk with a buddy about my other issues before continuing to smoke or do I need to have a break through when I'm high? Would love for any insight

  2. I'm interested to see where this goes. I can relate, but don't have any real good advice to give you except for trying to figure out whats bugging you deep down inside and your state of mind. I tend to over think it all. I can't even take a bus ride without being anxious. Hoping someone adds more into this topic, gonna be my eye on this.
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    Well when im really high I get emotional so I write a letter or my issues on a piece of paper then I talk to someone about it I use the paper as a speech or notes. Since I'm very emotional I start crying and talk some more about it.
    Just do all of that while you're high also make sure the person you are talking to knows that you're high. This really seems to get things off my chest so try.
  4. I get the same way.  Still haven't found an easy solution to the problem.
    I've heard meditation helps a lot.  Close your eyes and just listen to noises but try to clear your mind.  Take deep breathes.
  5. Thanks for adding, hopefully someothers will be brave and post about there aniexty, there will be good toke session too though, like nothings wrong, I wonder if my general aniexty disorder overpowers the side-effects of THC, although I have been smoking some bomb bud. There will be days where I smoke and be perfect, then days where I let my aniexty get the best of me. Ultimately its not the pot, its the thought process I have, I just think the mary jane enchances my thoughts which would normally be good,but not when your thoughts are negative
  6. anxiety sucks, herb helps me, but your case is strange. the best advice i could give is to reflect on what makes you anxious, try to keep everything simple. perhaps you havent come to terms with your parent being gone? i dunno, im just spitballing (and im high)
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    you make sense haha no worries brother, I might not be over it, its been 2 years and I always seem to push it away when it comes up, however (and as shitty as this is for me) sometimes theres other small things that cause my panic mode (school, hockey, my future,) I conciously tell my brain to relax, even sometimes out loud, but there is times where I cant trick it, its very strange
  8. Sorry to hear about your parent man. As for the anxiety try to be more 'in the moment'. Know what I mean? Like try to focus more on what's in front of you and not so much on the little things. Try not to worry so much. I know that's kind of hard to do, you know with the whole losing one of your parents thing going on, but don't get too stressed about it. What do you usually do when you smoke?
    I also find my "high" aniexty to kick in more when I'm alone. I will go home and game, eat, play hockey, ride around and freestyle with my buddies (classic). When these activities are going on I'm ok until my cycle of negative thoughts comes in. its more so when I'm driving alone that this stuff happens.. my mind can be my own worst enemy
  10. yeah man, i feel your pain. sometimes one thing makes me anxious, like i start to think about my past experiences and i start to get really uncomfortable, and then other things happen which build up on it. it gets to the point where i just start either crying or muttering to myself about certain things. then i get really angry at everything and i just become so irritable that nobody wants to be around me. maybe see a shrink? talk with somebody man, you need to get it out so you can come to terms with your pain, understand the root of it and then find a way to feel better. it will hurt man, trust me, and i should take my own advice, but im scared to face life after i know whats my problem, and then my anxiety takes over again, making me worry about obstacles that i know i will have to face, but im too damn scared and lonely to face em. oh well, smoke weed everyday
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    It's your subconscious fucking with you bro. 

    ^^ The video above that I post will describe in bullet form the points that lead to an anxiety attack. 
    The video will also help to self therapy yourself to removing anxiety attacks, follow the guidelines remember it's all in your head. 
    Edit: Sorry about the loss of your parent, I know death is something not easy to get over especially if the person was close to you. 
  12. It might not be a bad idea to go to a therapist, or perhaps someone else you know who lost a parent and deals with other stresses.
    I used to a have a pretty bad anxiety issue, but lately it hasnt been a major issue, its still there but so much more manageable...for me it was sort of taking a different outlook on life and just trying to be a good person and love myself and what not..  but ive never had to deal with the death of a parent, so my advice might not apply, which is why i think a therapist would be a good idea, assuming you dont already see one/used to see one
  13. @op I have the same problem except I think about me or having another loved one die
    But you have to accept that life is life.
    You have all the rights to have anxiety. And death is fine. Celebrate your passed parent's transformation into a spirit of peace.
    I'm sorry if this sounds cheesy, but this is coming from someone that punched a hole in his wall after realizing you will die.
    <3 love goes to OP
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    I know what you mean man. Sometimes it gets hectic, but you always have to remember that it's your mind, and if you truely don't want this nonsense on it you have the power to change it. It all starts with you. You have to wake up and decide that today is going to be different. Why look at the negatives when you can look for the positives? Embed your brain with positive vibes. See the good in everything and focus in on it. The way I see it you can either always be waiting for things to go wrong or you can hope for the best while still preparing for the worst while being in complete control of your own thoughts.
  15. Im overwhlemed with all this support from the community, its something special to see. You guys are all giving solid advice, I suppose I need to figure out a way to clear my sub conscious. If anyone else has had panic attacks/aniexty issues, please share ways you try to combat it, experiences. I felt like this was only happening to me before I posted something. Thank you all for your sympathies, I'm sure some of you have experienced the same type of loss, and the general kindness of others does help.
  16. well, smoke some herb. haha. i try to take my mind off things, i go skate, if it helps, or i try to surround myself with positive people. just distract yourself my man, cant guarantee it, but it might help

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