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    I can not truely give the full story but to sum it up..

    My girl had a family party saturday and I made the unwise decision to not go and had bascily no excuse. She is very family oriented and didnt seem upest until after she got back. she was saying I only ever care about myself and im very shelfish and its been this way for two years.. and she also menitoned for a second how i never bring her things to surprise her as in she thinks im never thinkin about her. which isnt true and she knows it i felt like it was just a angry moment thing to say. I know she still loves me deep down inside but i have been shelfish multpily times so i kinda agree with her.. i've kinda been a dick to her. i really want her though and i wanna be less shelifsh. my mom has even called me shelfish recently.

    well my question is?
    should i go leave a dozen white roses at her door step and say todays the start of a new me?

    would that be a smart or dumb idea?
  2. Dont do it yet or it will look like your trying to suck up and she will catch on. Be nice to her and wait till she is least expecting it then bam flowers on the doorstep or w/e you want to give her. Leave a cute note and you have her in your pocket.
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    Couldn't agree more.
  4. You will just be non-selfish for like 6 months maybe. Then you'll go back to being yourself. It never plays out like the movies.
  5. yuuuup i agree with the two above me as well.

    Classic move that (will only work if she lives with her parents or someone else) ive used is leave a gift (roses, letter, whatever really) and have whoever she lives with put it on her bed for when she gets home. Always been successful for me...
  6. Also please dont tell her its the start of a new you. Show her its the start if a new you. If you tell you she may or may not try to take advantage of it.
  7. Great advice man. Nowhere do you actually need to write the words "the new me" you know? remember actions speak louder then words.
  8. Hell, you could even surprise her and take her to her favorite restaurant then a movie.

  9. ^this
  10. Any guy can try and buy a girl with flowers. A true man will show her he loves her with his actions.
  11. Have you offered to give her anal? That might be what it takes to get this relationship to the next level. I say ramp up the intimacy dude.

    Also, you don't have to wait to get her flowers, you should buy them as soon after you fuck up as possible, so that she won't just think you're being nice and getting flowers, she'll see that it's a trade for her not being mad anymore. Don't wait more than a few days after a fight or the flowers are a waste of money.
  12. This is where we disagree.

    In my opinion, it'll be best to show your change and growth once shes partially forgotten. That way she knows youre not getting the flowers so she'll still fuck you tonight ya know? then again im not the most experienced though especially with serious relationships so take my advice lightly.

  13. Dumb idea. She is already your gf meaning that you already are bangin her on the reg. Only give flowers to chicks you are currently trying to bang. If you give chicks too many gifts they seem to expect them and get this complex that they deserve gifts all the time. If my gf had gotten mad at me for doing something I chose to do then I would be like tough shit deal with it. But thats just me.
  14. you want us to give you "our opinions ?!?!?! selfish prick !! joking :p , uhm yeah just be natural and dont like "overplay " it so it looks like your just trying to get laid again
  15. Why would they call you a shelfish? You tell those stupid people that you are a human being, not a crustacean. Good God.
  16. well, shellfish are not cannibals im pretty sure. so maybe he can prove hes not a shellfish by eating one?
  17. I lold so hard at the 2 post above me
  18. Just start eating her pussy every time you have sex. That's an unselfish act that she'll like one helluva lot more than roses.
  19. my woman has told me that if she gets mad i should just kiss her. Problem is I am usually too pissed off/annoyed because when she gets mad she yells and criticizes, i don't feel like kissing at all. any way It usually works though I don't know if all women are down to make out, do some heavy petting, and proceed to fornicate in order to resolve conflict in a relationship. question: does she smoke w/ you? does she join when you go to your family? does that affect what she's upset about?
  20. Try to talk to her, tell her "i dont know why im being selfish, i guess im just going through some stuff, i dont have an excuse. But i want you to know, that no matter how selfish i may seem i truelly do love you. And im gonna try to change and be less selfish, i cant promise instant results, but i can promise that i will try my hardest."
    (only if this is true.)
    Then do the roses a week or two later. And try to make it a thing to get her stuff every 2/3 weeks to a month, wether it be a box of her favorite candy, a collection of the top 20 love songs of the 80s, or even a little teddy bear that says "go beans" when you press its stomach.

    Also, whenever you stop at the gas station for gas or ciggerettes or something. Get something she loves(this works better if she doesnt ask for it), like if she absolutely loves sour patch kids, get her a bag of those, and just be like "here i thought you might want something, so i got ya these:)"
    Try to mix it up though, dont get her something every time you go out, and dont get her the same thing when you do, make a mental note of her favorite candies, snacks, drinks, etc etc. Then whenever you go out to the store, get something on the list. also dont really go out of your way, cuz that makes it seem like your trying to hard. Like if your going to get gas, dont stop at dairy queen and get her a blizzard, thats just pointless. Lol.(though if shes at home it never hurts to ask something like "hey, im going to get gas, wanna stop at dairy queen and get ice cream or something.". Girls also love mini dates. Lol.)

    Most girls love the little things like that. Cuz it just shows shes on your mind.
    You dont have to give a girl money and diamonds to show your love.
    And any girl that wants just money and diamonds is a gold diggah. Who is in fact, not messing with no broke *****h. I dont know the point of that last sentance, i just felt like adding it in for comedic relief.

    Basicly just show her attention, dont smother her, but dont leave her out in the sun.

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