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Angry friend? what to do

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eelarch, May 20, 2010.

  1. so i text him "hey man, do you ave any of that ak left?"

    he says "no bro, its all gone , just got regular homerown"

    "cool whats it like? dry?"

    "you know what you chat shit, im not interested anymore"

    EKK! wtf?
  2. like should i jsut call him tomorrow acting normal ? or cal lhim now to see whats up ?
  3. maybe he was tripping and you were annoying him.

    I lost a friend because she was so annoying while I was tripping on DMT, I was about to scream at the top of my lungs to keep your mouth shut... but that's only because she made it seem like I was dying when I was tripping my first time ever.

    Anyway. Lol, I need to de-stress... this bowl goes to you larch haha :smoking:
  4. He was probably insulted that you called his homegrown stuff dry. Just call him and apologize i guess. He might still be pissed. I know if someone were to call my stuff dry id be pissed.
  5. thank you mate ;) yeah he might just be getting high and cant concerntrate on his bong while his phone is buzzin :p
  6. Haha exactly.
  7. SORTED GUYS! =] little mis understanding, i was so worried cos he is my favourite man :(

    i hope your bowl is packing deeeeeep dude =]

  8. so wait...what happened..what was the misunderstaning..i WANT to know.
  9. Yeah dude, you have to tell us what the misunderstanding was. Kinda left us hanging
  10. ?? I wouldn't be offended if you had asked if my bud was dry maybe dry is your preference?:confused:
  11. wait man... this dude is from scotland, when we say 'dry' we are asking if its dry, this is what people want. do americans like wet damp buds or something?

    dealers will tell you their shits dry but if they want to rip you off it will be wet.

    dry is good... its not gonna be crispy dry but ya know... :confused:
  12. I need this. Tell me.
  13. I like dry bud personally. More bud because of less moisture weight. My vape works better with dried weed anyways.

    I think SO!
  15. O.O...........................................................ummm lol
  16. come on OP we need this man COME ON OP SIGN ON GRASSCITY AND TELL US!!!
  17. Ya'll are like a bunch of gossipy ol' men standing around the back fence. :p
  18. This is making me angry :( haha
  19. lol i am glad i have a somewhat unique ability to not care...

    anyways, fuck shitty connections.

    glad you got it sorted out. toke up
  20. i think our OP ended up killin his connect and jackin' his stash that's why he won't tell us what he did to settle it.


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