Angled 14Mm Bong - Hard Time Finding Suitable Titanium Nail

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    Hey All!
    I am fairly new to dabbing and just recently bought my first glass nail, domeless of course. Well it broke within 2 days and I realized maybe I smoke too often for glass nails. So titanium it is! 
    I've been looking at nails from the dab lab and aqua lab technologies; as well as places like amazon. Being a college student, and being that I just spent 35 dollars on a now defunked piece, I'd like to keep this purchase at around 60ish or under. 
    I'd prefer not to use an adapter, but I may need to. I was thinking this Ti Power piece and this adapter; that said I can't seem to find a place that actually sells one. I feel like this shouldn't be this complicated; maybe I am confusing something? Again, I am new to dabbing but always love to learn.
    Any help would be much appreciated fellow ents. :)
    -Titanium Nail 
    -Under 60 (Preferably)
    -Bong is 14mm angled female
    -Open to other suggestions (Skillets, Healthstones, etc), hints, or other help!
    -Domeless preferred 
    Postive helpful comments = Thanks
    Negative useless comments = Ignored. 
    Have a great day guys, hope the weather is as great for you as it is for us here in Washington!

  2. I dunno if you're gonna find a LEGIT Grade 2 Titanium nail with reputable, high quality such as Highly Educated makes. I myself am just starting to look into a Dab setup myself, and actually don't have any pieces yet but I know for sure that I am gonna just spend the $80 and cop this nail
    if I was you I would do the same. If you think about it really it's only $20 more than you wanted to spend, but it's 20 bucks that will guarantee you are getting a SAFE, and AMERICAN MADE product. I thought about coppin a nail outside of Highly Educated, but after research I chose to just spend the extra loot for a better product. This is just my opinion though, and like I said earlier I am still an ameture myself. Just thought I would let ya know what another noob like yourself has found while researching his first piece like you. Good luck on your mission to get your first setup, post pics when u get it if you can.
  3. you can get a domeless Highly Educated DualTi nail for $70 online, but you're still going to need a male-to-male adapter to use it on a bong....
  4. I ended up ordering a Highly Educated Dualiti. Grabbed a dabber, adapter, and torch also!
    Thanks Grass City. 
  5. HE just came out with the 10 & 14mm Flux nails and they are sick! Only downside is they arent adjustable but heres the kicker, they range from 39-45 bucks!

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