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  1. It seems that there are discussions on every drug in Pandora's Box, but i havn't seen any body ever talk about PCP. So here is the thread for it.

    [ame=""]YouTube - PCP bad idea[/ame]

    So..let's talk. Anyone ever try it?
  2. You should've used the search function lol. There's quite a few old threads on it.

    I've tried it a handfull of times, absolutely hated it each time, so I doubt I'll ever do it again. Shit made me feel STUPID and I just got way too aggressive. No good.
  3. My bad. I just looked over the last couple of pages, didn't find anything.

    So, what was the high like? I hear that it makes you feel like superman or something. Can it be compared to liquor or coke or what?
  4. invincible
  5. if i could find it, i would buy it in a heartbeat even if i had to sell the clothes off my back and the shoes off my feet. its sort of a life ambition for me to try pcp.
  6. To me it was like being drunk and incredibly stoned to the point of just being retarded, and observing the world kind of disconnected from my body. Walking was insane, because I couldn't feel the steps I was taking, although I knew that I was walking. I don't remember feeling like superman or anything, but I got incredibly aggressive.

    It was also an uncomfortable high. I got paranoid to the point that I started shaking and wouldn't get up out of my seat, because I honestly believed the floor was just going to cave in and I was going to die.

    Visuals were odd. My first PCP experience I remember chasing a fish, and the most recent one I had I kept seeing glowing, red eyes all over the place. Didn't help with the paranoia. I drooled a lot, had trouble drinking water even though I was thirsty as hell, and I had no coordination whatsoever.

    It's not a clean feeling high at all, IMO.
  7. Huh. The "extremely high and drunk" feeling seems like it would be fun. What separates it from other drugs though? why do you feel invincible? (asking a lotta questions cuz i'm thinking of trying it / also i'm just really curious)
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    Ever taken a massive dose of DXM? Take that feeling of dissociation (which can be overwhelmingly terrifying) and add a touch of euphoria to it, along with lack of coordination and some minor visuals. High enough doses mimic psychosis, so be careful. High doses also cause ataxia, heart attacks and seizures.

    It makes you look like an idiot, plain and simple. Your eyes bug out, your pupils get massive, you can't speak and moving around is like being shitfaced but even worse. You drool all over yourself and some people even spit up all over themselves, but are too fucked up to do anything about it.

    If you're thinking of trying it, you've gotta research it man. Go onto Erowid and read everything about it on there, and then make the decision. You should base it on what anybody in here says. I hated it, the next guy might have liked it, and it could land you in the hospital if you don't know what you're doing.

    Read up.
  9. I'm probably not going to, at least until i'm out living in my own apartment or something.

    It just seems like the perfect definition of a "drug," in the sense that you become completely detached from reality.
  10. I'm just going to throw it out there, NEVER try PCP, I honestly don't see why you want to.
    ALOT of bad things happen on the drug, read up on "Rapper Houston" and "Big Lurch"..
  11. I love getting dusted. I just love the whole feeling of being god like.
  12. Damn... gouging your left eye out... and massacring a women's body and eating parts of her... fuck.:(
  13. I hear it is the most dangerous dissociative. I'll stick with DXM and maybe Ketamine if I can ever get some.
  14. I will try it at one point at a moderate dose, dont want to go overboard.
  15. There's a part of me that wants to give it a try.

    But I've only heard positive stories about it from one person, and I don't really trust his judgment completely.
  16. i think the thread showing the picture of the guy who cut his entire face off while on PCP, and they pumped his dogs' stomach's and found his half-way digested flesh, is more effective than this. this just encourages trying PCP to inhibit superhuman strength. haa
  17. [ame=""]Steve-O PCP Saved My Life[/ame]
  18. I only heard negative stories from my old manager who used to do a lot of dippers. He said it changes your personality, and can make you a generally more angry and aggressive person.
  19. me too
  20. Dont try PCP...if you want a total detach from reality try DMT
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