Anesthesia & Crystal Meth Autoflower Grow

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    third grow

    2 Crystal M.E.T.H feminized autoflower seeds from fast buds and 2 Anesthesia feminized autoflower seeds from pyramid seeds.

    also throwing a skunk #1 from GYO seeds in a 3 gallon pot into flower tent to veg with my other small plants that are about to flower

    5 gallon smart pots
    30% Happy Frog,30% Light Warrior,40% perlite
    General Organics nutrients
    400 watt MH for veg
    600watt HPS for flower
    20/4 light cycle
    35% humidity lights on
    60% humidity lights off
    77-82 F lights on
    64-68 F lights off
    6.5-6.8 PH water

    planted straight in soil on 7/21[​IMG]
  2. Best of luck with the grow!
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    all the seeds have sprouted, pics to come.
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    7/29 2 days
    covered tops in perlite because i got fungus gnats :(

    anesthesia #1 [​IMG]
    anesthesia #2 [​IMG]
    crystal meth #1 [​IMG]
    crystal meth #2 [​IMG]
    skunk [​IMG]
  5. I hate them damn gnats...She's off to the races...Keep us posted with pics. Happy growing!
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    8/11 had a set back.. gnats we're getting out of control so i went to my local hydroponic store and bought Gonat, mixed up a little less then recommended amount and sprayed it on my top soil at lights out. it said it was a foliar spray so i wasn't careful to not get it on the sprouts and it completely fucked them. twisted growth, yellow and brown burns, some leaves completely wilted. i was going to pull them and i even transplanted Anesthesia #2 into a 2 gallon pot and planted another Anesthesia seed because i thought she was done for. they all have pulled through, i believe they will be fine.

    they are 12 days old.

    anesthesia #1[​IMG]
    anesthesia #2[​IMG][​IMG]
    crystal meth #1[​IMG]
    crystal meth #2[​IMG]
  7. How are they doing?
  8. not very good, they won't yield much at all. they're all preflowering and they're tiny, LST has helped a little. i planted another anesthesia seed, she's the healthy baby in the front. they're starting to yellow but i don't really care. they should be done in a couple weeks. [​IMG]
  9. What kind of lights are you using? Any idea on what stunted them so bad?
  10. 400watt MH
    if you go up like 3 posts i said why they're stunted.
  11. Gognats by Earth Juice can be used as both a soil drench and a foliar spray.

    "GoGnats is a liquid concentrate, available though worms way (and probably others). The ingredients are listed 33% Cedar Oil, 1% sodium lauryl sulfate (wetting agent), 66% water, guar gum, propylene gycol, glycerine."

    I don't believe it stunted your plants unless you didn't mix it to manufacturer specs.

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    okay? well, it did. i mixed it like the directions say on the box. it didn't affect my big plants, but my tiny sprouts WERE affected, after i sprayed them it only took the rest of the day for the tiny leaves to have yellow and brown burns, and for the next week or so almost every plant was producing twisted growth. it obviously was too much for the sprouts. i doubt that every single one of my plants, 3 different strains, all just decided out of nowhere to burn theirselves and lose like two weeks of growth right after i sprayed, all at the same time? i didn't think it would hurt them either by how it says foliage spray, or i wouldn't have.

    edit; just went and looked at the bottle again and why would they put on the bottle that i didn't see, "if after 24 hours there are signs of STRESS, do not use" just said right there it can cause stress. ?? so i guess you can say i didn't follow the instructions because i didn't use a test leaf
  13. I'm guessing they were sprayed under the lighting?
    Edit: I didn't realize the plants were baby seedlings. I wouldn't Spray much of anything on seedlings that Small.

  14. nope. sprayed during lights out. and yeah, i'm a beginner and didn't think about how fragile the babies are.
  15. haven't been updating this at all basically, all the plants are shit.

    here's a couple shots of crystal meth #2, crystal meth #1 turned out to be a different pheno and the bud is a lot lighter purple. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  16. here's some shots of anesthesia #1

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    and here's crystal #1, not as purple as her sister [​IMG]
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    here is the skunk. free seed
    she's taking a lot longer then all of the other plants, barely even preflowering yet. she's also a lot bigger, not what i expected. [​IMG][​IMG]
  19. Nitrogen deficiency?
  20. she needs a flush. i'm not worried about it.

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