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Anemia and pot

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jdkskakfjdksks, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. So I’m 18 and anemic and I occasionally smoke pot. I smoked mostly a year and a half ago and quit. But I’ve began to start it back up. But every time I smoke I loose vision, puke or even faint. And it’s just off of one or two hits off of a dab pen. First there’s a ringing in my ears, my heart races, I get hot and sweaty, my vision slowly goes black for like two minutes and I loose control over my body. It might also be tied to hypertension because it mostly happens when I get up to fast. Or does it correspond to my anemia? I tried looking it up but nothing really helps. Is it my blood pressure or like what. And if someone says go to a doctor I can’t lol because it ain’t legal here yet. Please help
  2. What you're describing sounds like a sudden drop in blood pressure. When you smoke weed, your blood pressure actually goes up a little -- your blood pressure goes up a little when you smoke most anything -- but when you stand up it drops. If you stand up suddenly it's worse, and this can trigger all the symptoms you mentioned. That said, I don't know whether it's tied to anemia or not. But take it seriously. Lay off the dabs and switch to something less potent until you figure it out.

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