Andy's Belladonna grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by andy_uk_852, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Day 0

    I just finished a grow of bagseed and i thurned out to be a male.

    Its time to make some quality bud. So i've bought some seeds from the website - 'Belladonna' heres abit about them

    Type: Sativa/Indica
    Flowering Time: 60 Days Indoors
    Effect: Trippy
    Smell/Taste: Fruity/Pungent

    THC 15-18%

    Belladonna combines a quick harvest time with a sativa high. Indica growth patterns and tight, Slightly orange buds.

    Grow Space Is Limited so thats why i have to lst but im sure it can be done.

    Lights: i have 1 6400k and 1 2400k eco light. pot size i have 2 30L pots which are slightly taller but i read somewhere that the roots like to go deep. i aslo have a spare 6400k but probbaly wont use it.

    Soil wise i just found some Tomato grow bag thingie but i'll fill my pots with it i think (bought this from Focus do it all) although i am just tempted to grow out the bag to save space.

    so i'll start with 2 seeds to see what happens. so hopefuly one will be a lady! so there in germination.......NOW!

    How i germinate. Dunno if anyone does this the same as me but i have a fish tank and my filter has and open sort of top so i wack the seeds in, put the fish tank lid back on then with in 24-48hrs we have action.... never fails... lets see how long these take?

    Any pointers and advice plese just reply to this thread :smoke:

  2. Hi Andy,

    Sounds like you're doing the usual UK thing; big plants, small numbers.

    I think you'll find you will need that 2nd 6400K bulb.

    What wattage are they?

    Certainly by the time they're in their final pots, one lamp will struggle to provide the coverage.

    Following that, for flowering, a 2nd 2400K would be a wise investment. (You sure they're not 2700K?)

    Anyway, good luck with the grow.
  3. Cheers mate,
    there all 125w,

    i'd like to provide some extra light expecially if i have it but i only have 1 reflector with only 1 socket for the lamp. i do have another socket for a lamp but its more of a cable and a socket connected to the end of it so its hard to hang it any where.

    Yeah sorry about the 2400k lol i ment 2700k oops :smoke:. i'm gonna look for a reflector with maybe 4 sockets for lamps, bit stuck for cash at the minute tho.
  4. Day 2,

    So 48 hrs have passed and one of the seeds have poped the othere hasn't seemed to have done anything as yet.

    i've potted the 1 seed that has poped about an inch down and covered with soil and gave a nice dose of water. The other seed is still in germ.

    One issue. i have a bagseed just showing sex on 12/12 i think its male but still unsure, i've managed to get one more pot in there for the belladonna seedling but when the other seed pops what should i do bin the bagseed?
    Also the new seedling... will it be ok in 12/12?

    Should i just axe off the bagseed and concerntrate on the belladonna and put them on 24/0?



    Day 3

    If anyone out there feels like saying something feel free
    The 2nd belladonna seed popped over night, just potted now next to the other belladonna seedling which is now under both blue 125w envirolights 24/7 and is sprouting level with the soil line.
  5. Day 4

    Just a quick update if anyones intrested.

    Just to make things easier i've named the plants... Bella is the first seed that sprouted and Donna is the second seed that sprouted.... yeah i know great use of my imagination ;)

    Donna is yet to push through the soil line, so nothing there. Donna is brusting through the soil line looking good.

    Sorry im yet to post pics, slight technical fault with my camera, even my phone's bust!grrrrr!
  6. How did it turn out Andy? Did you get any Donnas after all?

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