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  1. What do you use to organize your mp3's in your Android? I find the default software to be abysmal when it comes to finding files you put on the phone. Especially if I put individual MP3's on there that were not part of a set album. I tried one or two apps (no detailed research) but they weren't much better.

    I prefer Android in every other aspect to the I-phone, but I-tunes allowed for far easier audio file organization.

    So, what has worked for you? What gives you an easy overview of all the files you put on your phone?
  2. Due to the overwhelming rate of response, I had to waste precious calories and do my own research. This list lists a few fan favorites for anyone interested.

    The best music player apps for Android
  3. I personally think Power Amp is the best android music player. As for organization, I use ES File Manager and put my albums in seperate folders.

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