andre nickatina anyone

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  1. what do you think of him if you know who he is. hes preforming on my birthday dope rapper.
  2. He's my dude. Blood N my Hair, Y U smilin and Jungle are probably my top 3 from him.
  3. my boy dre!

    "I smoke chuey like a mothafuckin nut..."
  4. Andre aka the best rapper alive.
  5. i only like two songs off of his new album, tbh.
  6. one of the best imo and him and mac dre is just fire
  7. 3 favorite bay rappers: Andre Nickatina, Smoov-e,mac dre. thats the fucken trio right there..i dont know why nicky never made an album with smoov-e like he did with the mac
  8. Ya his newest isn't that dope, i like Popeye's Certified and Tony Montana only really. But A Tale of Two Andres, probably the best collab record out of the bay ever!
  9. Tony Montana ferrsureee, and also My Name Is Money. :)
  10. Does some of the sickest concerts rap wise from what I've heard/seen.Jealous though cuz all he does is shows in Cali and Phoenix lol.Come out to the Eastcoast Nicky! Theres alot of fans around here suprisingly.

    [ame=]YouTube - Andre Nickatina & Equipto - Monday Like a Friday[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre - Cadillac Girl[/ame]

  11. Shit i just heard that one ha it slaps, sounds real old school! :hello:

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