Andre 3k is the greatest MC of all time

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  1. Rap is a joke now

    [ame=]YouTube - Outkast - Benz Or Beamer[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Outkast - 2 Dopeboys In A Cadillac[/ame]
  2. Says you. These days you just gotta dig a little deeper to find the good stuff. Just because it aint on the radio doesn't mean it don't exist. Just off the top... Charles Hamilton, Wale, BoB, Jay Electronica, Joe Budden, Odd Future on the come up.. Mos Def is still doing it big.. You've got MF DOOM and every other Stones Throw artist still putting out classics every now and again.. Lupe's still killing it despite setbacks by his own record company.. Method Man and Redman still put out an album every now and then, Blackout II was in 2009..

    It's all where you're looking man.. If you get all your music from what you hear on the radio you're going to be stuck listening to nonsense. If you want me to link you up with a buncha youtube vids of good recent hip hop, let me know man!

    Oh and by the way... Andre 3K for greatest of all time? He's not even the greatest doing it today. Half the people I named flow harder than he does. Although I must say 3000 is a pioneer and always has a dope new sound to his stuff.
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    Negative lol.


    2pac > rap
  4. Omg, charles hamilton, wale, BoB, odd future, MF Doom, Method Man, ..........that's why hip hop isn't "dead" ?

    Theres still good rappers out there, as for "digging" for them if you dig and find those people than LOL.
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    Of all time...I'd say Big L.

    His lyrics never disappoint and he always comes lyrically.

    Songs like Put It On, Flamboyant, Now or Never are so fresh.

    I would prefer the other member of Outkast Big Boi before Andre 3000.
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    Then what exactly is your good idea of a good rapper? And no, I meant if you really think Andre 3K is the only dude whos doing it well then you need to look a lil harder. If you don't think Charles, BoB, OF, Method Man and DOOM haven't been killing it... I'm not sure what exactly your idea of good rap is.

    [ame=]YouTube - Books of War - MF DOOM & RZA [Omegah Red aka Poison Flowerz!][/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Earl Sweatshirt - Dat Ass[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Charles Hamilton -Brighter Days[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Wonderland - Bobby Ray (B.o.B. Vs Bobby Ray)[/ame]
  7. fuck this thread and fuck you for starting it.
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    dont fucking put method man in the same sentence as BoB.

    andre three stacks has the all time best flow from the south. you are talking about people who wont be remembered in 10 years. get on your hip hop history kid these days its a joke.
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    *Sits back and watches hilarious thread develop*

  10. the 90's are over.

    that is all.

    PS: i wouldn't put B.o.B with Method because imo B.o.B is better lol.
    PSS: smokeitdown, is Charles Hamilton making music recently? i saw a couple months back he kinda went crazy, Lauryn Hill style lol

  11. Says you


  12. mmk and your point? Should we burn all of the recordings from the 90's!!! Point is....well my point is to try and piss people off so i'm doing a pretty good job
  13. nah i'm not mad at all. we get these threads a dozen times a day, you learn to just take it in stride lol.
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    thankfully on the internet one slip-up can make your entire argument invalid:
    "PS: i wouldn't put B.o.B with Method because imo B.o.B is better lol."

    son i am disapoint dot jay peg.
    since you obviously don't listen to music, any other comments you want to make on the subject?

    edit: this thread is about rap. not whatever BoB is. maybe you mean BoB is better at, entertaining?, people im not sure.

  15. My idea of a good rapper, the fuck? This is about new rap being a joke. You obviously proved this true with all your responses and your very typical new school mainstream rappers and then Method and Doom, <--- LOL.
  16. lol at greatest of all time.

    Sounds like OP just discovered hip hop.
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    thanks for playing the game!


    sounds like serious is butthurt that someone doesn't live up to his standards. Pretentious little fool

  18. Damn dude.. the fuck you all so mad about???

    Was just trying post up some tunes I think are good. Music is subjective anyway.. you think it's terrible, a bunch of other people think it's good. Sorry what I like didn't fit your epic standards. I guess my taste in music is terrible. Am I supposed to be upset now?

    Kind of confused as to why you need to turn every single response into an argument. :confused: Everybody gets so angry and defensive when it comes to music... you're supposed to listen to the shit and enjoy it. I love when people feel the need to shove their opinions down other peoples throats.

  19. Just my opinion....but the best there ever was and will be...

    [ame=]YouTube - Nas- Take It In Blood[/ame]

  20. Method Man is more of an entertainer than B.o.B ever will be. you don't see b.o.b in movies, acting a role. that's entertainment, bro.

    good thing on the internet, one slip up can make your whole argument invalid, amirite?

    lol :) chill out bro, music is aesthetic, meaning there's no clear cut definition. no one will ever agree.

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