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  1. Im gonna do 4 different flavs my first time out. From shiskaberry black Betty afghan goo vortex ace of spades atf blue cheese sugar plum polio cheese Obama blackberry kush train wreck white rhino blue rhino strawberry cough blueberry white widow ruderalis sour d blue god Humboldt northern lights purple kush romulan permafrost medicine man and Williams wonder which 4 would those with experience cultivating them reccomend not from how they like to be grown (though advice is always great) but from quality of the smoke.
  2. Cultivate yourself some punctuation.
    But for real, first grows are a learning experience. Don't sweat it too much.
  3. You'll probably want something indica since they're a bit smaller and easier to manage. Like the blade above me said, don't sweat it too much. The first grow is all about learning. If your buds don't turn out great (hopefully they will!!), don't beat yourself up about it too much

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