AND who would think this would happen?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by highawatha, May 8, 2002.

  1. highya was doing a lil yardwork today with the adgenda of putting rocks around the pool. i handled the first step allright, having it delivered an all hehe. i totally underestimated the weight of a full wheelbarrow full of gravel. now this was no ordinary wheelbarrow folks, it was the special extra large on made for giants. so on my very fist trip it falls over and just as my luck (and slow refflexes) would have it the hadle caught me in the face a nice balck eye,. but heres the 1$ question.....
    I HAVE LOST A BIG CHUNK OF EYLASH IN THE ACCIDENT! half to be exact. does anyone know if it will grow back?????
    yea, haha lol its funny now
    but damn its the wierdiest thing.
    *imagine my shock as i thought id just ripped off my eyelid.*<ok a little dramatic but a chunck of EYELASHES were restiing on my cheek. it just figures.
    so anyone?....will it grow back?
    oh an im ok the eyelash makes the blackeye less of a spectacle.
    sooo?....what have you all been up to?
  2. Highya i hope you are going to be ok. You got to watch those tools honey. They will attack anyone who is unexpecting.

    Your eyelash will grow back if you fertalise it. Well maybe just give it some time.
  3. Oh by the way just e-mail me my dollar!!!

    One question honey. Why would you want people to know you have a tiny member??LMAO
  4. took ye long enuff! :D
    because i couldnt resist!
  5. Took me long enuff? How long have you been tiny??
  6. heres your dollar, and not just cause you said i had a pretty face :)

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  7. It's Ok.

    Lot's of people have went on to lead almost normal lives' even without eyelashes. You could always get a part on Star Trek, The Next Generation.:)

    Hope you shiner goes away in time for the prom!

    Just remember, we love YOU! Not your eyelashes!
  8. your face might feel lopsided for awhile, since it's missing the weight of that eyelash.

    Hey, maybe stonie jo can get ya a new one!!
  9. soooo sorry that happened to ya hun!! but ya know what-they'll grow back. Falsies will do the trick for the time being, but I got attacked by some cats when i was breaking up thier fight and my eye got really messed uo-but the lashes grew back in a couple of months. You should be good as new pretty soon.
  10. Would you please send us a pic of what your eye lash and shiner look like. Pretty please.....

    i didn't think you would, anyway.

    A couple years ago, the family was at a botantical garden and the Mrs. got stung on the eyelid by a bee. She's somewhat allergic to bee stings and a stranger offered her some hevy duty medicine to help her out. Later we get ready to go out and her eye is puffed up and bruised and she's woozy from the medicine. She's embarressed about her looks (imagine a women feeling that way) and she's wearing dark sunglasses in an attempt to hide her puffy eye. While eating at a restaurant, I got more dirty looks and a few rude comments about not hitting ladies, pick on someone your own size, etc......
  11. highawatha, ya could always get yourself a set of those glasses with the nose and eyebrows on em!!! lol
    Sorry bout your accident, hope it heals quick!!! :smoking:
  12. hey that reminds me i got a buck in my scanner! :D
    ooh jada i hope your right. im REally hoping it'll grow back. and when my "mood alligators wear off" im going to be mad at a few of you.hehe
    i cant believe the shiner aint that bad...its the lil'lash problem thats gettin me (although two different people laughed (with me of course) and told me "thats pretty f'ed up" duh!

    puffy, time i get a real good shiner,ill show ya.:D an
    believe me when i tell you ive seen the looks thrown at the "perp" deserving or not.
  13. Hey, I want a dollar.
  14. Hey Highawatha!!!

    What happened to you sucks but the eyelashes will grow back. I was a dumbass once---yes, only once---and I curled my lashes without the rubber thing in my curler and I might as well have had sissors because I chopped them right off of one eye. It took many months but they are long and happy now.

    Be patient!!!!
  15. I don't know any of you well but for the last few days I have been reading all of your stuff :), and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Hope your eye gets better and we can become friends! see ya'll later...
  16. high.
    thanks for asking, i tell ya, :D its amazing i didnt poke my eye out like i first thought i did,,. scary thought people!!my eye lashes Are growing back but i was laughed at, i mean with! for quite a few days over my dumbassness. AND i foundout spilling the wheebarrow is a case of beer offense at more than one construction site.
    i have since use that same GIANT wheel thingy but could only haul 37 shovel fulls at one time. i personally moved a WHOLE dumpruck load.
    brag,brag,brag, the very most difficult

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