AND,who authorized this move?....

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Sep 5, 2001.

  1. just joking. here i am about a week late as usual. it seems i had a little confusion with the move. the confusing part...WHAT MOVE? :) i had no idea. this is not the first time ive become confued,and i know not the last. after some digging into my trash can (this is always nice) ,i found ya'll. after a brief problemo with that little password thingy-oopsie finally here!!!!!im going to finish my tour of your fine establishment now and see the sights and all...i saw somthing about a princess and av's and super mods even.its good to be with good people.
  2. Well it's great to see one of the best people here, finally! I was wondering where you'd been :)
  3. thanks girlie.
    i turned left instead of right...
    the couter thingy,um i kept watching it...counting,counting,counting...i wondered if ANyone would speak-up...
    like i said good people.
  4. Hey there Highawatha! Glad to see you could make it to the party! Those people looking at us? Forget about know not so easy...but, at least everyone here is a good, decent, caring, and productive member of society. Plus, they were always we just know they're watching!
  5. Good to see ya, here, Highawatha. I'm getting settled in, myself ... See ya 'round the boards. ;)
  6. It is good to see us all..........together :)
  7. glad you made it here.
  8. Like ol' Dan Tucker, you're to late for supper.

    Lemme go rustle around in the fridge and see if I can find ya somethin'..................

    Nothing but some horribly foreshortened chicken strips. And I've got to save those for a sacred ritual.
  9. in my fridge i found something that looks like cake but smells like meat. it's meat-cake! any way, anyone else like geroge carlin?

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