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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pmath, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. high all? - So I made a trip to the store today... and bought myself some things that hopfully I'll need for my grow (timer - light fixture - 100watt Fluorescent Bulb)
    I wasn't sure that the bulb I picked out would work...the package says "100 watt Spring Compact Fluorescent Bulb" - its a twisty bulb that screws into a regular light socket ...does anyone know if this work for the 1 plant I'm preping for?
    I was planning on making a smemi-stealth grow box out of a garbage (a white outdoor one) can with lights attached and adjusted from the lid...then stashing that - is it nessasary that I have it in an enclosed area (fans i know) mainly with reflective surfaces or can i just toss it in a dedicated area with a light on it
    I will start to get pictures of this stuff when I get some seeds and actualy get started - I wanted to get a feminised seed from -I can only grow one plant now - I live in CT...I read that this place sends stealth..which is cool but, law concerining, I shouldnt have it sent to my house huh?

  2. hows it looks so far?
  3. reflective just means thet u use more of the light u have, if u r gonna try and grow with just 1 compact fluro then u will need to use as much of the light as u can. im guessing that ur 100w fluro is a 20w that puts out the same lumes as a 100w incandesant, about 2000 lumes yeah? that will only grow the top few inchs of a plant, either get another 2 or 3 of them or a 70w hps and hang the bulb outta that in ur bin.

    fans? oh yeah ur gonna need them 4 2 reasons, to lose the heat and get some freash air round ur plant. have the fan blow out the top and put a few intake holes in the lower part of ur bin.

    good luck with the grow

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