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and to top it all off i started smoking again!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. well, well, well, look at who's not so smug anymore, 3 years id stopped, *sigh* really it was an accident. it seems someone got a little drunk at the last hogroast. (hogroast=huge hillbilly shindig) and somewhere between when i got there and the fouth or fith drink i forgot i no longer smoked. so after a pack or so * lil note off the subject the next day i had 3 different brands of smokes in my pocket and some damn nice lighters* any how its funny how well your body remembers nicotine.,.. so now im sneakin smokes....shame shame shame. today i paid 4 bucks for my very own pack :eek: i think ill just smoke this ONE last pack.

  2. The evil habbit that prisons alot of us. I have quit and started back so many times that I think I must be in love with nicotine. I've quit for over a year the last time. All at once I wanted a cigarette and next thing i knew whamo smoking again.

    I hope you can stop after your ONE very own pack. Good luck!
  3. Damn legal heroin!

    Send me to the bar give me a few beers and I can knock out 3 packs in two hours. The next day I can sing like Rod Stewart, except I can't carry a tune, but I got the raspy part down cold!
  4. the big ol boogers you can get are fun to shoot out in the shower...from smokin a pack in several hours, that is.
  5. sorry you got hooked again. :( how can something so foul be so damn good? :mad:

    it's been 2 1/2 years since i quit *yeah me* but i've snuck a few drags here and there. and of course i think about it every day. my bf smokes and would probably kill me if i started again. he's already flipped over me having a drag. so i use him as my focus. hee hee i ask him for a smoke/drag once a day just so he can snarl at me. keeps me from having it anyway.

    good luck at smoking that proverbal last pack. here's to the last pack!!!!! :)
  6. ......................i like the way skunks smell...and i like the way gas smells...and i like the way cheese smells....and i like the way sharpies smell.
  7. i like the way all those things smell. But what about B.O. that you smell on someone and for a moment you think that it could be Taco Bell or some other type of food? I'm pretty indifferent to it, but I'm just throwing it out there.
  8. The B O of smokers are usualy worse. Although i have smelled some bad nonsmokers as well. I think the only reason smokers only noyice the smell of skunks and etc. is that is the only thing we can smell!
  9. I think cigerettes are sent to us by Satan himself, they are so bad, but are soooooo damn good lol. I've pretty much have quit (6 months now), but when Im pissed off, I think that the convience store has a pack of Camels with my name on it. Just gotta keep telling yourself how sickening they are.

  10. I dunno what kinda taco bell you get over there but where im at, it sure as hell doesnt smell like body odor...thats just sick. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
  11. not too much seein the stank ass taco bell here.
  12. I kinda like taco bell. The food is good around here!
  13. I'm not a fan of taco bell. They send all the shit up to AK from the lower 48, though. So it's probably just old shit you guys send to us.
  14. lol damn so when the food gets old and cold over at my taco bell they put it in a truck and send it to you???
  15. All this talk about quitting...and I'm thinking of starting :(

    I nearly bought a pack last night (soooo close)
  16. HIGH All, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh HIGHa 3 fucking years nooooooooo (hangs head low).

    HIGHa my friend how you doing????? It's been Almost a week are still smoking the Government's shit. I have some shit that's a lot fucking better than there's. I wish I could help you out. I'm going on my 11th year now and even after my near death I still have no desire to "light up".
    I hope you break this fucking Government addiction. Good Cyber BUDdies are hard to come by.

    Fucking Government will do anything to get money to fund this war on drugs shit

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