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and then there was light

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. ever feel shitty, cause your not gonna have bud all day, either your broke, waitin for harvest, or cant find a dealer?
    then you slump into darkness...but then all the sudden..

    you remember!

    theres a packed bowl right under the comp desk!

    lol just happned to me ;)

    still gotta wait for everyone to leave to smoke it tho, but atleast I'll be high tonight!
  2. that's great stylez! Last time I cleaned my room I found a whole 1/8th I forgot about...don't ask me how, but I was sure happy :D
  3. lol, thats a gift from heaven :p

    my boy cleaned his room for the first time in like a, and hes a major smoker. He found about an ounce in a few old baggies that he just forgot about! apperently he bought them when he was stoned n just put em away in the wrong
  4. every now and then i find a roach that i lost or forgot about. but for the most part, weed isn't something that i loose.
  5. Yea something like that has happened to me, but I found a little nug that I had had for like a year.. :smoke:
  6. Hell yeah, i was dry for like 2 months one time and whle going thru my drawers i found my Doperware stash container and it had some cleaned bud all ready to go and still fresh.

    I also like the days when you wake up broke and outta weed but somehow end up being stoned all day and finding/getting money or some kind buds

    Where i used to live everybody in my apt building toked, and everybody would come down to my apartment and trade me weed for internet use and for like a whole year i stayed stoned everyday but never bought any weed, and i always had at least 5 different kinds in stock.
  7. toosicks!!! thats too sick! why can't we all live in your buildin!??? no fair! :)

    my trick is to have about four hundred and twenty different stash hiding places and everytime u get a huge shipment scatter it about once u had a few bowls... you'll never remember where you hid it all and u know you'll b able to find enough when you are dry.

    does that make sence? bit sleep deprived... it's 11:38am and i havn't been to bed yet.
  8. yepyep, pritty good idea, only I wouldnt remember where I put em even when I was dry :p

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