And the old guy in the corner thought HE was fucked...

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  1. So here's my story.

    Saturday night, picked up 2 pills of e (same kind i always have had, same batch and all) and a q of afghan kush. It's still pretty early so i decide to head down to my friends party a bit early, she was just hanging out and i found a super blunt in her room, so i decide to roll the q up :). Looked very nice, we each took a few hits and i popped one of the pills and we went down to the bar to have some dinner and get some booze. This is 20 minutes later, and where shit gets wierd. I've never done a hallucinogen, and am not used to seeing things out of the ordinary, since all i stick to is e and weed. But sitting at this table looking accross from me and seeing my friends neck now streched 2 feet long and everything in the room lagging like crazy, i paniced a little, sniffed the weed for chemical like resin, seemed fine. And she said she was perfectly fine and started to worry. So i just calmed down to not make her panic. About an hour after the crazy visuals started to stop, and I decided not to take the other pill and sold it to my friend. She took it and the visuals started for her too. We then proceeded to welcome guests into her home and finish up the superblunt of some of the most amazing weed any of us have smoked.

    I forced myself to the conclusion that good weed and good e makes products of odd chemical reactions in your brain, but i'm still not so sure. It was a fucked up night and im still at a loss for words.
  2. im no expert on e...but that sounds nice. as long as your not seeing bad stuff it would be fun to hallucinate :)
  3. It was fun, don't get me wrong. But all the family staying at my house from out of town for there valentines dinner at my house i had to see around midnight. Tripping on acid or whatever wouldn't be the prettiest sight.
  4. regular MDMA has never done that to me, maybe 2c_ something

  5. Yeah... what he said. Sounds to me like you got rolls cut with something like that.

    Strait MDMA visuals are like (go on, laugh) nutmeg visuals. Just messed up edges that are fine when you focus on them, and movement in dark corners and such, but when you know there's nothing there. (not like bad trip, scary dark corners... just like huh, my cat's not there after all I guess)
  6. That thought definitely would have gone through my mind if i hadn't had the exact same rolls for the past....4 weekends?

    But they definitly weren't nutmeg visuals, haha. I hate that shit, such a bad week that was

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