And the award for most likes given goes to...

Discussion in 'General' started by FluffyBud, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I RoLL Fatties
  2. he likes everything he see's
  3. and i thought my posts were special :(
  4. Maybe this guy is just easy to please?
  5. Can't we get rid of likes?

    What is this fcebook?
  6. instantly when i look at that picture i can hear that dudes voice. And it keeps playing over and over and over in my head watching it. :smoke:
  7. I like that he likes my posts
  8. What a whore
  9. Still no dislike button? I think that shit would be clicked on more than free porn.
  10. some people need to be banned from liking posts.
  11. ^ reverse psychologied me (and perhaps more blades) into likeing his post.
  12. the nickname "deepthroat" should be awarded to this person.
  13. Actual most likes goes to:
    seriously OP what were you thinking?
  14. why dont everyone post their # of likes and see who likes the most... Much easier way to figure it out no?

  15. Lol I think GC seriously needs that. I know I would use it alot, particularly in Apprentice Tokers. Neg rep would be nice too.
  16. I like his likes
  17. Lol idk I like receiving likes.. makes me feel good
  18. ^Fuck!

    Also why did they get rid of negative rep?

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