And so it begins...

Discussion in 'General' started by Crates, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I don't wish being bald on my worst enemy.

    Why do people hate him so much?
  2. I don't hate him at all. It's gonna be sad to see him spiral down. But entertaining all the same.  :devious:
  3. I just wonder what happened. He's lashing out for a reason. Grounded people don't do things like this. It's sad to see such a talent go to waste
  4. I know he started hanging out with a lot of rappers and drug dealers like mally mall. Around that time he started getting the tattoos and he got caught in that whore house. I'm sure some of the hardcore bieber fans who follow his every move can make an educated guess. But you never truly know what somebody  is going through. 
  5. Haha I didn't even know any of that. To me he's still that little kid singing baby baby baby oooooo haha

    Guess he grew up too fast
  6. I dont see him lashing out at all.
    This is how he is.
    He didnt do it before because his career was still taking off and I doubt his handlers wanted him to screw it all up.
  7. Wait so hes 19?

    Im a loser, im 20 and living with my parents
    sounds like we have one right here
  9. That makes me a loser too
  10. oh shucks..  :love:  :ey:
  11. Really you don't see drinking and partying and setting yourself back drastically is lashing out? You don't huey yourself like that without a reason. Maybe he's just young and dumb but you still know better than to do shit like. Idk though I'm not s fuckin psychologist haha
  12. He is young and dumb. He is a 19 year old rich kid with people willing to do anything for him.
    I dont think he is doing any of this to get back at anyone. He is doing it because he can now. There is no one to stop him. As far as he is concerned he has everything going for him and he wont stop doing any of this until he runs out of money or he is thrown in prison for a couple years.

    His fame and fortune has made him mad cocky.
    I firmly believe this has been his personality all along. Just couldnt get away with this before.
  13. His downward spiral began the moment usher made the mistake of blowing him up... Usher will never live that down ... He's the guy who brought us the beebs...
  14. Haters gonna hate

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