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....and life goes on. Woohoo!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Digit, Sep 12, 2003.



  1. Pollmaster Digit back in action.

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  2. its all cos of da vibes.

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  3. its all cos of da love.

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  4. ah ge' bah wit a li'l 'elp from mah frien's

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  5. Ashley Judd

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  1. went out last night.

    only had an hours sleep... if that.

    and i feel great.

    life goes on.

    i get by with a little help from my friends.

    i love my friends.

    both online and off.

    i luv em all. :)

    i have far too much energy right now.

    should really get more sleep.

    HA! sleep is for the weak. ;) lol

    just for those of you who are interested...
    i just wanted to say....

    WOOHOO!!! :D :)
  2. im glad your feelin better
    *imagines digits face with the letters dfghtyujkiop imdedded to his forhead by now*

  3. hey, godzilla at least its friday....i wouldnt be chucking anything that you know you'll have to clean up later.*wink

    hope you have a better day ganjamom

  4. Finally decided to put that picture of Ashley Judd to some good use I see.
  5. happy to hear your doin good dig:D
  6. hehe good..I take it you've been doing more smoking and less drinking?

    Nothing better than a blunt in your mouth and a bowl at the ready.
  7. gooood shit.
  8. :thumb:


  9. i wish, but alas, no.

    still drinking WAY too much.

    it sux being somewhere that it is IMPOSSABLE to get any bud locally.

    grrr.... if only someone would give me a clone or something. :D lol.

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