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and eighth of fire

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by doug_funnie, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. how much would you guys pay for an eighth of fire?
  2. I would pay no more than 60 for an 1/8 of dank. I usually get it for 50
  3. 20-40

    i get indoor ak47 for 25 an eighth

  4. yeah, a new guy of mine tried selling me a cut for 65. He said it was fire (looked like beasties), so I told him that I had a change of heart.
  5. no more than 60

    and even that is a stretch
  6. 60-70 USD. im in maryland.
  7. 30 tops for primo buds.
  8. $60 max. But I don't buy in 8ths anymore.
  9. Probably like 30-35 max
  10. I usually pay around 60 sometimes less

  11. Lucky motherfucker
    well my bros a dealer so i get dank fairly cheap.......just not like ak47...god damnnn

  12. These are canadian prices i'll assume,
    In the U.S. no more than $60..
  13. $35 maximum, canada, sorry.
  14. im in washington and all of the 8ths i buy no matter who its from is always $40 and its dank
  15. Usually I can get an eigth for $60 but I've payed $70 too.

    $70 is where I max out.
  16. 30 on average, i might get some good shit, but it's usually just high-mids

    45 for shit that's always fire.
  17. it all depends on your area and who your getting it from if the person you getting it from only picks up a oz to sell then of course his price is gonna b higher then somebody that has a pound or grows their own

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