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and announcing namrons siggie..!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Stylez, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. here ya go, hope ya like it
    couldnt find a fkin beaver picture, all the searches i did for beaver pics all found me porno :p
  2. damn that is cool as shit. how long does it take to make one?
  3. yea man pretty cool
  4. tyas much :D

    takes me about 2hrs to do one like that, depends how high I am :p
  5. any word on when mine will be complete stylez? not to be pushy or anything... just a little curious :D
  6. ...hahahahah..THATS fuckin great....where in the hell did the chinese dudes come from?!...oh well who cares..theyre great.
  7. now for actualy making it my siggie


    this is gonna take forever.
  8. I was searchin for ying-yangs and found chinese ppl instead, and figured, eh it looks cool :p



  10. will start on that one tonight when im bored n sober ;D
  11. hmm, u gotta find some place to host it ;/

    a m8 of mine hosted mine, havnt seen em for a long ass time tho
  12. eh..weird...siggie went missing at top..reposting

    Attached Files:

  13. i cant get it to show up HELOP!
  14. u need to get someone to put it on their website.

    EDIT: wrong verb.. lol

  15. ask some ppl on IRC or etc to help post it on a website, grass city wont let ya just take it from forum thing.

    anyone out there got free space for namron to host his siggie??

    p.s. - geocities etc dont work :/
  16. eh cottons, you think you could find the picture of cotton balls and the stoned smiley face? i been searchin the net for em for fkin hours, and its drivin me crazy I cant find a pic of either, would be appriciated, I already got the big weed leaf :)

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