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Ancient Weed and Treasure Hunt (Kinda)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Running Riot, May 27, 2010.

  1. Alright, so here's my story. My friend moved into a new house about 4 years ago. In his old house his brother hid about an ounce of pot in a rock (you know one of those stash boxes?) and he put that rock inside of a rock wall on the property. Now it's still there, and we want it. My first question is if it's still gonna be smokable, if thats dangerous to smoke, or if its healthy to cook with.
    THE SECOND PART of this treasure hunt is that there is an ounce and a half hidden in the attic of his new house. It was stashed in the insulation (you know the soft fuzzy stuff?) in his attic by some kid that got scared when cops came into the house during a party. The party was about a year ago and the attic is always cool and dry, is that stuff still smokable? Even if neither of those O's are its still kinda fun looking for them haha. Thanks guys.
  2. PS- both oz are in plastic bags in their locations
  3. So I assume the stash rock is meant to look like part of the rock wall. I would just go around knocking on all the rocks until one of them sounds/feels different. Maybe use a hammer. Judge for yourselves if the marijuana is still smokable. I have no idea the condition it is in.
  4. Im having trouble understanding why youve waited this long to retrieve the bud from both of those locations already!!:smoking:
  5. Hahaha :) well the thingg is that we completely forgot about em. My friend his brother and I were all ripping bong the other day and we were like, holy shit, theres an ounce and a half in the attic. And then his brother remembered about his old stash at his old house and we started bugging out wondering if we can still smoke it without turning into an avatar or something
  6. haha yea they should be good if there in a bag. make sure there is no insulation on any of the bud. kinda judge it for yourself, feel it and if it still feels a little moist than there is like a 90% chance its good. and if its super dry and just crumbles apart when you squish it than it can still be pretty good. smell it, use your senses an if you still cant tell post a pic or a description and ill help you out. let us know how things go.
  7. yea the minute i told the cops to gtfo my property, i'd be reclaiming that o in the attic lol
  8. alright most deff thanks wakenbake... as soon as we find it (should be friday) ill take some pics and put it up. im guessing itll be pretty dry, is dry weed still good to bake with (like make cannabutter)?
  9. yes, very much so. Dry weed will burn alot faster though but you should get some good rips. and if it doesnt have insulation or mold on it a quick bowl or two will help you decide if its still good. Its kinda like curing your bud for a super long time. but not really lol
  10. Why is it that you always here about these stashs of weed and these treasure hunts, but never hear anyone finding it, just smoking a lot of weed looking for it...

    My advise is that it probably got stolen by some contractor or something, but i wouldn't say stop looking for it, its a hell of a thing to believe, its like the Goonies with tons of weed at the end of the tunnel or a magical unicorn strain that'll get you the highest anyone's ever been or something.
  11. LOL... I am going to make a valiant attempt at finding it... If I'm not too blazed I'll put up some pics of what weed looks like after four years of chillin.
  12. well funny enough i just found some year old pot (and steroids) in my brothers room, the weed was in a baggy looked like absolute shit and smelt nothing like pot, smelt more lik playground bark or something looked rank i wouldnt want to be smokign old weed haha
  13. Hmmm... I entered this thread and smelled the distinct odor of...

  14. Unless it was properly stored it wont be smokeable. Thc breaks down a year after the buds have been picked.

  15. LOL I hope you don't mean that I'm making this up. Just asking for some tips if we locate it.
  16. i smoked weed that was 20 years old (long story) and im fine. so i think after four it will be fine. lol.

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