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Ancient race with 6 fingers and toes

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by g0pher, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Often in the past I came across ancient writings or references of people who had 6 digits..

    6 fingers and toes.. sometimes they were seen as royalty...

    Were they from another race??? Nephilim??? The renowned sons of Anak?

    Ancient texts say they were much larger in size and stature than average men

    I found some ancient petroglyphs that recorded 6 digited races ..


    I dont know whats my point really, jus wanted to hear others opinions

  2. What could be an advantage of having an extra toe? :confused:

    Probably none, thats why they're limited to mutations
  3. Dont go so far as to think an alien race. Having six fingers is known as sexdactyly, hexadactyly, and even polydactyly is a autosomal dominant trait, meaning that is actually quite normal to occur within the human race. It has just been phased out over time, and while polydactylism is dominant, it doesnt necessarily mean it is the most abundant. In fact there are small populations of localized hexadacylism all over the world, it is just seldom heard about.
  4. it's probably the effect of groups of people with similar genetic mutations inbreeding. The Vadoma tribe in Zimbabwe all have ostrich-like feet that are scaled for that reason.

  5. i think it was just poor drawing. lol

    or more evidence of evolution.
  6. Having 6 digits is a dominant trait.:)
  7. 5 fingers is actually a recessive gene, 6 being dominant

    edit: ahh beaten to it
  8. my aunt has 6 toes, and my grandfather did too.
  9. Ancient race, not alien.
  10. Owned.

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