ancient egypt????

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Where does ancient egypt come from

  1. Earth

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  2. Mars

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  3. nibiru

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  1. Where do you think ancient egyptions came from
  2. Egypt. durrrrr.
  3. i think like a lot of others that there was another race of people who masterminded the rise of Egypt, i don't think they were aliens, but an extinct race now, of mathmeticians, and masons and a lot of other trades........they may have helped willingly or were forced........but i refuse to beleive that they were from that region of the world.......the timescale is too far out...............the nearest race known who could have built the pyramids would have been the aztecs who had buildings which resemble the techniques used in Egypt........Peace out..........Sid
  4. Just as likely they were influenced by various evolutional triggers that helped them to develope in particular ways.

    I'll need proof, not coincidence before I'll say they had anything to do with aliens.
  5. You guys should watch Stargate the movie. Also, on Sci-Fi channel plays SG-1. On Monday nights they play 4 episodes back to back. I like the way they mix alien technology, ancient mythology, physics and and religion to make a movie. I really think ancient Egypt gained knowledge from an alien race. Their astronomy and mathematics knowledge seems a little advance for a race 2500 years ago. Personally, I think they are much older than the accepted 2500 year old Egyptians. From an astronomers point of view, I think they are 10,500 years old.
  6. Well don't forget that time is relative. There could have been, and quite possibly was, an ancient civilization far more advanced than ours(with technology wayyyy beyond what we see as advanced today). These more advanced civs could have been around houndreds of millions of years before us. They could have moved away to a better planet or all died out from nuclear war/ice age/etcccccc. maybe the egyptians of old had some outside help, maybe they didn't.
  7. Yes well I think Mars was once a planet full of rivers and natural gases and a shit load of other resources.
    And it eventually got all used up much like the way this planet is I dont think there were very many trees if any at all.
    And when the planet died out the race that was on mars came to earth/or there was a race on both mars and earth that could travell btween planets that seems like crap though.

    and also I remeber seeing on the news pictures of mars that showed massive pyramids on the surface and there was also a big face like 2 eyes nose and a mouth. and the pyramids resemble the one in egypt.
  8. proof right here

    me I am an alien
  9. My uncle was like really into all of this stuff when i was younger, he still is, except now hes learnt hyroglyphics (sp?) he gave me a few books, one the return of the gods, a sequel to chariot of the gods, by someone called erik dankensuming... i cant remember.

    Anyway, in this book there were pictures taken of shafts within the pyramids that had still to be opened, now they had put sum sort of sensor under a crack in this blocked up shaft and it determined there was another unopened chamber at least in one of the pyramids, this was also talked about in the orion mystery, which talks about the way the 3 pyramids of giza, are in direct aligment (sp?) with the 3 stars of orions belt, and told of the ancient belief that the dead pharoah would join the orion group of stars.

    Now to me all this does seem a bit advanced, but you gotta remember that until then, most groups of people were nomadic, the nile gave the egyptians just what they needed, it allowed them to settle, and once a group of people are settled they have alot more time to do things, this includes, medicine, religion and astronomy, something which you can not blame them for linking with only early intelligence. So because of this youve gotta think they could just have been really intelligent people with alot of time on there hands.

    But then, little things start to show up, things such as unmistakable drawings of tanks, planes and helicopters, hidden away in pyramids that havnt been touched in centuries, i personally like to believe that the egyptian gods were aliens, anubis, oris. Imagine being there thousands of years ago, a brilliant light from the sky, a metallic object, these amazing beings appearing, these people would of been scared, these people would have been ready to worship.

    I wish i knew the truth

  10. show me.

    i wanna see these martian pyramids.
  11. I don't know about aliens, but something of intelligence was here and has been lost. I'm not even really sure about an advance civilization that came and fell, because if our civilization fell, how many people would want to start cutting rock into large blocks and slowly transporting it and building with it. Not me or most of the people I know. Especially if it was an advanced civilization, there wouldn't be as much mysticism and worship in it (and I'm fully aware of the belief systems in effect today).

    I do know that most early civilizations were very aware of the movement of the stars. This doesn't necessarily point to visits from extraterrestrial beings/objects. It could simply be a part of human nature and curiousity. When coupled with a lack of understanding of many things, explanations are invented which seem far-fetched to us now that we are better informed. People can now read too much into these explanations that someone probably randomly made up on the spot many many years ago.

    The mayans watched the sky very closely. They created two calendars (the short count and long count calendars) to track the starts and automatically account for the fact that the stars aren't set in the sky, but move over a period of many years. They believe that there was a part of the sky in the milky way where their kings (or chieftans or something) went when they died, but they didn't automatically float there. They had to travel at a certain time when the sky was in a certain alignment. Knowing this alignment would help them in knowing when people were able to travel to the underworld/heaven/whatever in their afterlife. Their long count calendar terminates on December 12, 2012. It's a winter solstice and two stars line up in the part of the milky way they believed was the road to the underworld/whatever. This is supposed to be some really special time.

    The Egyptions obviously were another group with a fixation on the stars, but weren't quite as mathematical about a calendar as the mayans. Something in there belifes drove them to point the pyramids to certain stars an have the sides all face percectly in a uniform direction. I don't know what spawned these beliefs, but it doesn't necessarily have to be aliens, seeing how little we really know about ancient Egypt, for all we say we know. All I know is something made them believe enough to start the massive undertakings of the pyramids simply to put their dead pharoes in.

    The ancient Greeks have huge walls built around some cities that know one knows how they got there. The ancient Greeks used to believe that they were built by the Cyclopes. I've seen pictures, seen the size of the stones, and been given measurements and it amazes me that anyone could put something like that together. Even today, it would be amazing for anyone to find the rock needed to build something like that and carve it, transport it, and put it together. The fact that 3000 years ago they didn't know who did it is really something.

    I know there has been evidence of an ancient very advance culture in many ancient cultures. Many people would know of these people as the Atlanteans who lived on none other than the island Antlantis. There are stories in many ancient cultures of a great flood. Supposedly, this flood could have wiped out Atlantis the city/country/whatever and sent the inhabitants across the world in boats (tho no one ever explains why they seem to be simplistic wooden boats and not motor boats). These people work their way into many cultures and spread things like the pyramid form among other things. I don't remember much about the theories involving the Antlanteans, but it would be a possibility to consider.

    I guess I'd like to conclude by saying I don't believe that extraterrestrials have without a doubt been to Earth and made contact with us, but I believe in the possibility of extraterrestrials somewhere out there in the universe. Maybe they have been to our planet, or our solar system, our galaxy, or even just our corner of the universe. Maybe not. They could be much more civilized than us. They could be extinct by now. They could be incredibly primitive at the moment. There could be multiple civilizations. One thing I do believe is that scientifically they probably won't be humanoid. However, one could argue the God (in the Christian/Judean sense did not only create life on our planet. He could have created others in his form on other planets or He could have created others in some other form on another planet. I just think this is a huge universe, and if we're alone then that's a lot of empty space.
  12. I wonder why so many of you refuse to give credit where its due. It seems kind of....well....racist?

    Europeans were capable of building huge ass gothic castles... and Central Americans were capable of building enormous temples in the middle of the jungle...

    But the Africans... NO WAY they could have built the pyramids, right? They must have had help from ...ALIENS ???

    WTF? Thats bullshit.

    Truth is there must have been some really great minds at work to figure out how to pull all that shit off. I think its a lot more likely that they figured out something about the way the Earth works that we have overlooked in todays society. We crap all over the Earth and act like we don't give a shit. I bet when you live in a society thats more "in tune" with the Earth and the other celestial bodies you can learn ways to harness natural forces....ya know, like gravity.

    On a related note, you guys ever hear of The Coral Castle? It was built in Florida in the 1920's and 30's by this one man named Edward Leedskalnin. Its like this huge compound made of stone. The blocks weighed an average of 15tons a piece. No one really knows how Leedskalnin constructed the place by himself but he claimed that he knew the secret of how the egyptians built the pyramids. It took him over 20 years to do it cuz he cut and moved the blocks all by himself.

    Unfortunatley he took the secret with him to his grave. But I think amazing shit like that is not only possible but a lot more likely than the whole alien thing.

    Links about Coral Castle:
  13. the egyptians figured out all their stuff by themselves. in case you haven't noticed, the egyptian civilization was based around the nile river. this river flooded annually. in order to sustain a viable agricultural society, they had to figure out when the nile flooded. this led them to invent the calender. to invent the calender, they had to observe the sky. the path of the sun and the stars. this mixed with paganism, developed into a full blown religion and a good understanding of maths and mechanics. this in turn, made them able to construct moderatly complex geometrical figures on a huge scale. like the pyramids. nothing hokus pokus there either.

    and as for the mars pictures, especially "the face" and assorted claims of pyramids and such... optical illusions based on natural occuring geological features on mars surface in a special shading and lighting. in short, you see more what you want to see, rather than what is really there. this is a natural human trait coming from our brains compulsion to find patterns, even where there are none.
  14. This is Homer of Borg. Prepare to be ... Ooooo donuts!

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  15. the egyption were influenced by the anunaki. Who had a base on mars because the ones that visited earth were on a never ending mission to make new colonies and make contact. but on earth they couldnt survive so they made cretures that could 'humans' then they sealised we could be a threat after taking over one of there cities so they melted they polar caps and left us for dead. thats the anunian story in VERY short :p. they;re pyramids are still on mars as well as giant runways which are perfectly straght and lead upwards.

  16. now that artical in about the face on mars.
    just another typical american government bullshit coverup story yeah you might think Im just another crazy fool that smokes too much pot but look at it not a bit of proof. I still see 2 eyes nose and a mouth. It is just a story. some jermalist's discription of an american agencies bullshit story.

    and I cant find anything on that site about the D&M pyramid.

    and that stuff about Nibiru is the first I have ever seen.
    Ive never heard of this other race aswell. I want to know more I have to know more. Im so excited. A planet that orbits 2 suns a hot and a cold. Imagine.

    Thanx for that insight nuttdriver and Dr Krapp Where was your sorce from you seem to know about this please tell me more

    could you please edit my poll for me and put in the 12th planet nibiru and change my vote please please please

  17. This is by far the best response and the only one I bothered to read all the way through. You said what I wanted to only you know what you're talking about :D
  18. my sorce? dunno, nearly 2 years of books magizines internet other 'anunians' that are my mates and have also done reserch, this is my top feild! the only thing i can think about without getting bored. I love to get blazed with my mates and get intellectual about it all lol.

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