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  1. i just found out that my ancestors were a very powerful family of lords in tokugawa japan

    does anyone else have any interesting ancetry?
  2. my grandmother's family used to be barons back in germany. i guess they had massive landholdings and estates, owned several shoe factories, had ties with the old banks and regularly retired to Neu Schwanstein during the summer months. title, land, and coffer all stripped by those damnable Nazis. if it weren't for them, i'd be livin like a fuckin fatcat.

    its odd though, i work now as a shoe mender. keepin up in the family business
  3. my grandfather was apparently an ace fighter pilot in WWII.
  4. ...nice lol great grandpa was a member of hte molly macgauires ...a group of coal mineres in pennsylvania in the 1870's who were fed up with poor pay and benefits and started to fight back at the owners of the something like that ...

  5. cool stuff, everyone!!

    I had to say that is the funniest avatar youve got there.
    look at'm go....jivin along.....quite confident too.
  6. Well, I know both My Grandads were in the RAF in WWII. My great grandad invented a 'hair restorer' tonic thing that he sold to boots apparently. and if i trace the family back far enough on my dads side it was a ruling clan in the west of Ireland back in the middle ages.

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