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Anatomy of a Bong: the Definitive Guide

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by rtlshred, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Just looking around threads I see many people asking a lot of questions such as "What is a inline ashcatcher?? I have never heard of this stuff until I came to GC! I think a guide we could all contribute would be useful. I have seen a few people explain different parts of the bong, but not all in one place! Lets begin!

    (per fatboy jeff's suggestion)

    Difference between a Glass on Glass (GonG) bong and a Grommet bong
    A GonG bong uses a glass joint that is flush to the bowl to create an air tight seal between bowl and bong. GonG bongs are almost always better quality then a grommet bong, and thus more expensive. Below is an example of a bong that is GonG:


    A grommet bong uses a rubber ring that is placed on the bowls stem to create an air tight seal with the down stem. Usually found on acrylic or ceramic bongs. Below is an example:


    The Bowl (a.k.a. cone piece, chillum)


    Pretty self-explanatory, this is the spot where the herb goes! Bowl is then insterted into the down stem.

    Down stem (a.k.a. slide)


    This is the tube that the bowl is inserted into. The down stem goes into the bong's chamber, in the water. Many bongs have a downstem built in (acrylic bongs will usually have one with a grommet attached to it), or the down stem can be inserted.

    Diffuser (a.k.a. diffused down stem :rolleyes:)


    A diffuser is a downstem that has tiny holes at the bottom of it. This seperates the smoke, and cools it.

    Ice Catcher (a.k.a. ice notches)


    These little bumps reside in the tube of the bong and, you guessed it, hold ice. This cools down the smoke before it enters your mouth.

    Ash Catcher


    An ash catcher acts as a second chamber that filters and cools the smoke before it enters the bong. Inserted into the bong's downstem.

    Inline Ash Catcher

    An inline ash catcher is an ash catcher (usually) built right into the bong, and the water chamber is almost always sideways. This picture below a picture of a bong from GC's own Five to One:


    A percolator is a filtering and cooling chamber that sits in the bong's tube. There are a few kinds of percolators, the most common ones are tree percolators, and dome percolators.

    Tree Percolator


    A tree percolator has 'arms' that point downward and are submerged in water. Usually has 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 arms.

    Here is an excellent diagram explaining how a tree percolator works:

    Dome Percolator

    A dome percolator uses a single, small chamber that directs the smoke into the water. The dome is sometimes made with colorful glass designs.

    |End of Percolators|

    Carb Hole (a.k.a shotgun)


    Some bongs, as opposed to using a slide, use a hole as shown above to clear the chamber. Usually found on cheaper bongs.

    Splash Guard


    A splash guard is simply a barrier in the tube that prevents water from splashing into your mouth. Why? Because bong water is pretty nasty tasting. Always after the percolators and before the Ice Catcher.

    well, thats all I can think of for now. When I have the time, I will try to add more. Feel free to add on if you can think of something I forgot!

  2. looks good, you might want to throw something up about the differences between glass on glass and grommets
  3. the joint?


    isn't there a bong 101 sticky already?
  4. Great post man, and I'm not sure if there's a sticky or a post on this already but this is well laid out and explained, good work.

  5. fixed.
  6. hell yea good post bro
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    yes,there is a bong 101 thread. That guide is great, I just wanted to post something up that defines the different pieces of a bong, because the other guide just does a quick run through.

    EDIT: Put up a piece on splash guard per your suggestion :)
  8. Maybe add something about the different sizes of slides which always seems to confuse some, and something about adapters?
  9. idk but ive never heard a downstem called a slide... but thats just where i come from it may be different where u are
  10. cool, you should also put a section about female/male joints and 18mm and 14mm standards. And add more about diffused downstems, maybe a section about bushing diffusers and 18/14 or thicker joints etc.
  11. and different quality glass and what glass certain companies use and what not

  12. Yeah, this would be cool


    thats my bong!:D except i bought some stuff for it

  13. this isn't that good ......... sorry
  14. change the picture of the grommet to an actual grommet not a carb'd acrylic piece

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