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  1. Hey, i was wondering what are some good things to do to peoples cars, as in keying, putting a potato in the exhaust, and slashing the tires. Anything would be thankful.

  2. Why do you want to know? You want to get back at somebody, or are you just wanting to be an asshole (not that I calling you one, I just want to know)?
    Anyways, vaseline on the windshield, pickle slices all over the car, possibly cow shit. I really don\'t like to cause actual damage, just make it a pain to clean up.
  3. revenge
  4. how much?
  5. I\'m not sure. A couple of cups would probably do it, I think.
  6. come back and tell us the results of your mischief
  7. man, don\'t do that shit.
    i used to do stuff along those lines, but am not proud of it, even being a couple years later. you\'ll grow up eventually, and regret it.
  8. just take a whole 5 pound bag with you, that will definitly do it.Have fun and happy anarcy
  9. DO IT!!!
  10. if somebody did that to me id find them and slice them up, or beat them down with a pipe or something.. fucking with peoples cars isnt cool

    and if this guy did something to piss you off, its gonna be pretty obvious it was you
  11. Word To Phil
  12. Any one who did that to my ride would get the living shit kicked out of them. That\' is defenitely not cool. Why not have the balls to confront someone and give or get a good ol fashion ass woopin?

    When fuckin with peoples property here in texas there are 2 words to keep in mind: Armed Response
  13. dont be a fool! and dont bring down the name of anarchy. wtf is that to do with anarchy ???
  14. I would suggest vaseline on the windshield, tacks on wiperblades etc. So as not to condone any real criminal behavior.

    Mod note: I thought this more fit in Pandoras Box
  15. i don\'t mean to pry or anything but what exactly is it that this guy did to you that\'s made you want to get revenge on him?
  16. he fucked with me and messed with my younger brother... He aint gonna get awat with messing with my little bro i coulda let the other shit go. i already keyed it and know im thinking more creative to do to get him to fight me.
  17. if you want to fight him then fight him..

    unless hes a total pussy, this is a just good way to get your face slashed to pieces, or to be beaten into a coma by this guy and 15 of his closest friends
  18. Ok you all know the Crysler PT cruiser? (or something like that\" well anyways some gut had bought one of those and it was all shining in the sun light but one thing catch my eye some one had painted THC on it! with a purple paint!
  19. I hate it when you go to fight someone and they show up with all thier dumb ass friends. your thier to fight them, not them and 20 of their friends. It just shows what a pussy they really are. I say fight him, But take a bigass pipe too. If just he shows up and fights, its a fair fight. but if him and a few friends come, whip out the pipe and kill them all! (Dont kill them, just Paralize from the neck down;))
  20. It has nothing to do with real anarchy. I too, used to read all the anarchist cookbook crap. Its all stupid, the real stuff isn\'t posted all over the internet. Anyone who also used to read internet anarchist cookbook crap would also know that being called a kewl is an insult. This person is obviously a kewl. Real anarchy is an idea, a system of government, not a bunch of immature ideas about bombs and that sort of stuff. I am not against pranks at all, but call it so, not \"anarchy\". Depending upon what you mean by \"messed with your little brother\" shows how agrressive your counter should be. But I agree with hatebreeder, words are all that is needed most of the time, anything else can be settled by a fight. If you win, help the guy up, let it go, if you lose, after stating your opinion and problems with him, you still got your point across, maybe he can at least respect you for that.

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